A vault in Utah that now houses a deadly tribe

Experiment Edit

Vault 51's experiment was that it would be equipped with more weapons, 2,000 people, and more equipment but less food. It was to be opened 100 years after the war with only 100 years worth of food.

Results Edit

After very, very strict rations Vault 51 was finally opened with only 1,500 people after having to exterminate 500 rebels. It opened in a city run by vicious warlord by the name of Freddy or the Hell Maker. Fred ruled a strong, bloody, tribe by the name of the Hell Makers.

The Spark of War Edit

After they opened the vault Overseer Brian ordered a scout unit armed with 12mm machine guns and military armor to scout the area and greet the warlord. That squad was eliminated by a great ambush from the tribals.

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