The Savior's Parents
Appears in Fallout: Civil War
Affiliations The Savior of Boston, The Government of Boston (Presumably)
Status Deceased
Birth Unknown
Death The Massacre of 2490
Weapon None
Family The Savior of Boston, Iris

The Parents of the Savior of Boston are minor characters featured in Fallout: Civil War.


Not much is known about the history of The Savior's parents. They met sometime before the civil war in Massachusetts and settled down right around the Boston area.

The Savior was their first child, whom they cherished. Their local preist had told them that their child was prophesized to bring peace to the dangerous world one day and would eventually become the nation's next president.

After having their first child, they had another child; a girl named Iris.

Since their family was caught in the attack of all outlying regions outside Boston, they were most likely harmed. The parents were killed during the attacks from unknown causes, either from shock/pain or physical harm, leaving their kids to fend for themselves.

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