The Government of Boston
Govt of boston
Motto Long live order and peace.
Leader Mayor Edward Stern
Capital Boston, Massachusetts
Type Democracy
Period active 2285-still active
Region Northeast

The Local Government of Boston is the group of leaders who protect and guide the state of Massachusetts. In Fallout: Civil War, they are one of the main factions the player can side with.


As the United States government was reformed by The Courier and The Lone Wanderer, they rebuilt local governments in every state as well. The rebuilding of the government of Massachusetts, which was installed in Boston, was no different than rebuilding any other government. They chose the most trustworthy members of the Bostonian society and put them in the positions, trusting them to keep the peace in the state.

Over the years, the government went strong, with the help of its dedicated citizens. Eventually, Massachusetts became one of the best states to start a life in, due to its security and advancements in comparison to most other states.

After the government dissolved, however, the local government started to fall apart and positions were often replaced, while the mayor, Edward Stern, was of no help to anything. On top of the unstable government, a new rebellion group has formed, known as Insurgents to everyone.

The government, which has managed to stabilize for the most part, is currently at war with the Insurgents. While the government is ready to advance and modernize further, the Insurgents prefer to live a free lifestyle, similar to how the world was before much of its order had come.

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