The Camp Morrison Raid was a famous Internment Camp raid led by the Québécois-Canadian Insurgent leader Renault LaRouge.

A guard at Camp Morrison.


When the unofficial annexation of Canada began in 2069, many Canadian Resistance groups began to form in order to fight back the foreign invaders. The U.S. Military soon feared that Canadian dissidents would take out key military infrastructure, seeked out the best way to handle this northern subversion. The answer came in a matter of weeks, the formation of POW and Internment camps in the Canadian countryside.

Canadian citizens, accused of being "Red Chinese Fifth Columnists", were rounded up across the country and transfered to these camps; sometimes violently. Conditions in the camps varied: the farther you went into the countryside the worser the conditions. Canadian prisoners were malnourished and ill-heated, often dieing of hypotherma, frostbite, and disease. Guards were hateful and abusive of their northern neighbors. Mass killings, public executions, and on-site sexual assaults were common among these sites. Camp Morrison was not an exception to the rule, but in fact one of the very apexes of this brutal incarceration system.

Camp Morrison, established in 2072 under direct order of General Buzz Babcock far north of Toronto, was a literal hell-on-earth for it's detainees.

Camp Morrison was named after Colonel David Morrison, the famous commander of the Marine Expeditionary Forces that rescued US Officials from the Riyadh, Saudi Arabia during the EC-UAC Conflict.

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