Task Force Jackal is a special task force of Rangers and 1st Recon Snipers sent into Arizona to wreak havoc on Caesar's homeland. It's an elite task force of the New California Republic Defense Force and was first formed prior to the First Battle of Hoover Dam and has since then served in many battles during the NCR's numerous offensives against the legion.

Deployment and Fort KimballEdit

The origins of Task Force Jackal goes all the way back to Operation Blackridge in 2276, a year before the First Battle of the Hoover Dam the NCR started an operation to deploy small units of Rangers and 1st Recon snipers into Arizona to harass Legion supply lines and settlements. These men entered Arizona through Willow Beach, the Arizona Spillway, Bullhead City and a few lucky squads managed to sneak past Caesar's boys posted at the Fort. Inside of Arizona these men caused chaos for the Legion interior, raiding supply lines, attacking camps, picking off officers and freeing slaves from caravans. These men proved to be the biggest pain in the ass Caesar ever had to deal with. Yet with the fall of Willow Beach, Arizona Spillway and half of the Hoover Dam being seized by the Legion the NCR became more desperate to keep contact with those men still in Arizona and to keep the pressure on Caesar's supplies. So NCR High Command agreed to send a full task force into Arizona to keep contact with the units already in Arizona and to keep the raids up on the Legion. A force was formed around Captain Jack Fleming of the New California Republic Airborne Corp, him and a squad of 16 elite paratroopers were the first men assigned to the task force, next thirty Veteran Rangers back from their deployment in Baja California along with twenty volunteers from 1st Recon. A small scouting team was sent into Arizona to select a site for their base of operations in the region, this came in the form of Fort Kimball, an old Pre-war army base that would serve as their base of operations in the region. With that the scouting team secured the old base and the rest of the task force was deployed to the base via vertibirds. The task force quickly got situated with Captain Jack Fleming being the commander of the expedition. The order of battle went this way, the paratroopers were meant for perimeter defense while the Rangers and 1st recon went out and hit targets. Yet upon their arrival they became aware of what had become of the other groups of Rangers. And what they found was none too pretty.

The Butchers of ArizonaEdit

Wade Donovan, winner of the Order of the Sierra Madre, multiple deployments to combat zones and an excellent marksmen. He was sent over with a group of eight Rangers to Arizona, there they fought like wildmen against the Legion. Swelling their numbers with freed slaves and tribals that had escaped the wrath of the Legion. Yet when the NCR was cut off from Arizona he and his men became increasingly isolated and with this isolation, Wade began to think of home quite a bit, mostly about his wife and kids. This became so apparent that he regularly got distracted while giving briefings and planning operations with other officers. This led to mistakes which in one unlucky case decimated his men, all but him were spared of the massacre that befell his group after they walked into an ambush. For months Wade put his group back together and as his sanity began to slip he led them on a rampage across Arizona and New Mexico. Usually NCR troops don't target civilians yet Wade and his group of tribals and freed slaves made no exception in who they targeted. Whole villages disappeared as he and his men killed whole towns for the NCR. By the time Task Force Jackal arrived in Arizona it was plainly clear that he was completely insane, as one photo confirmed: it showed Wade in his Veteran Ranger armor yet it was covered in tribal symbols, a blood red hand print covered the front of his helmet along with several ornaments covering other parts of his armor, mostly made out of human bone. This macabre armor he wore was only the tip of the iceberg for his actions in Arizona. He had reportedly ordered the killing of several hundred civilians when he raided the town of Old Rock while in New Mexico. His crimes were inexcusable for the NCR High Command who immediately ordered that he be killed by whatever means necessary. To this day he remains a target for all 1st recon snipers and Rangers deployed in the field. As for other Ranger groups in Arizona most actually showed up at Fort Kimball when the call went out over NCR encrypted radio. Adding numbers to the task force and adding to their ability to strike at targets throughout Arizona.

Operations and RaidsEdit


This raid took place not long after their arrival in Arizona. It started out with 1st Recon snipers starting to pick sentries and individual soldiers off from their posts. When the Legion sent troops out to hunt down the group they were promptly ambushed by the Rangers, the city for the better part of the month would be the target of numerous raids and attacks from the task force. At one point the NCR Air Force made a brief bombing of the city, using high explosive bombs the NCR vertibirds set the city afire for the better part of two days and sending most of the civies in the city ducking into their homes. For that month the Legion couldn't move caravans into or out of the city, slaves were freed, supplies captured and Legionnaires were killed.

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