A powerful and massive satellite built by the Sunset Sasparilla conglomerate..


In the late 2060s Sunset Sasparilla inc. wanted to get involved in the lucrative defense market so they bought out a small design company that had helped build the ZEUS and SATURN satellites and thus had the expierence that the company wanted. They recieved a contract from the Department of defense and quickly began construction, building it closer to the sun so its massive solar arrays could recharge its cannon faster. The result was a powerful laser cannon that used the power of sunlight to power its cannon, but due to the neccesity to have it close to the sun it did not follow the earths axis so it could only be fired about four times a day. but still the beam when fired could have the power of a pre-war Peacemaker.


The Enclave found this weapon was on file at the old Sunset Sasparilla headquarters in the Mojave Desert. SSgt. Hercules landed there with his team quickly destroyed the guarding protectetrons and accessed the mainframe and downloaded all the information on it then deleted any files on the computer on TITAN, then sent the intel to Camp David from the Mojave bunker. The Enclave then hacked it and got the weapon on line and test fired it at the Pentagon, it was a success and thus still used today.

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