*Status  Report*

Main reactor - Badly Damaged

Guard outpost 1 through 30 - Destroyed

Vault #7667 - Under fire

Living quaters - Over run

Deceased - 4,000

Injured - 200

Captured - 50,000

Warning - We have been over-run, escape before its too late

Main database -70% destroyed

*Status over*

'That was it, I had nothing left, my family gone, my friends murdered , my job gone ... That was it. I just snapped, i was going to take a stand. I was hiding in medical ward 27 , the 'Invaders' running past, chasing after innocent like a dog after a ball. As the last of them went past, i thought if i could just take one of them out, i would be equipped, so i did. I grabbed the hypodermic needle they were going to kill me with. You see, before we had been attacked, i was preaching to my co-workers we would be over-run, they deemed me crazy, but when the attack began they deemed me a traitor. I was ordered to be killed, but just as they tried to kill me, the intruders came in and gunned them all down. I charged at the very last intruder, and noticed their very bandit like apperance, but i didn't care, i charged straight at him , stabbed him in the neck. He began having a fit, i took his mask off and saw him foaming, i knew i had chosen the right descision. I realised something, their were only 55,000 people in this stronghold only counted 54, 200 killed or kidnapped , that means their were 799 people left (not counting me). Perhaps this was a inside job, maybe they let all the other bandits in. I knew i made the right descision. I decided to get dressed into the bandits armour, so i would beable to make it out with being shot at. This plan seemed to work, I had done it, i had escaped the stronghold, but something was pulling me back, my sense of curiosity, what was in vault 7667? Why was it so important it had to be attacked? Is it uncountable ammount of supplies? Was it a stash of powerful weapons? Something made me want to find out.. so i turned back and decided to find out.. '



'*Note to reader: This is my first fanfiction, it will become a series if it's succesful. I hope you like it! Please leave feedback and the sequal will be in the new year.* '

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