Soviet Independence Group
Motto A Nation Reborn
Anthem Hymn of the Soviet Union
Currency Soviet ruble
Language Russian and various regional dialects
Leader Premier of the Soviet Union
Government type Single-Party Socialist Federal Republic
Period active 2089 - Present

The Soviet Independence Group is a post-war military faction based in Siberia. It's comrpised of the decendants of the survivng members of the government, military, and other aspects of the former Soviet Union that survived the Great War. They seek to preserve the USSR and prevent other factions from taking over former Soviet territory from both inside and outside the Russian Wasteland with the intent on one day, reunifying and restoring the Soviet Union.


Origins and FoundationEdit

During the months leading up to the Great War, the Soviet Union had sent troops into Eastern and Central Europe to stamp out fascist powers that were ravaging the continent and were getting close to the Soviet border. Their intervention in the European Wars and aid to the United States of America against China during the Sino-American War, but the Soviet Union under threat from nuclear armed powers like China and even Germany who had nuclear weapons that were stolen when the European Commonwealth had collapsed. On October 23rd, 2077, the Great War had began and the Soviets deployed their nuclear weapons against China and Germany while the rest of the world was destroyed and human civilization was reduced to ashes. A decade later, most of the Soviet Union was spared and the remannts of the Soviet government fled into Siberia and established the city of Vladivostok as the new provisional capital.

Retaking Eastern RussiaEdit

After the formation of the Soviet Independence Group, the new faction qucikly established a strong central government and military force and began taking territory across Siberia. Becuase the region survived the nuclear holocaust, the Soviet forces were quickly able to annex the region and eventually pushed downward to the border of former China where the Gobi Wasteland was present and stopped at the border of the Russian mainland. Many settlements and surviving military facilities and settlements were found and the provisional Soviet government sent out a message saying that the Soviet government had survived and the Soviet Union is still alive and well. After the survivng settlements picked it up, they responded and announced their intent to join the SIP, the new Soviet government, as part of the Soviet Restoration Plan. 

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