Shetlands Conflict
Part of British Isle Conflicts

Irish Army Rangers fighting in the Shetlands
Date March through July, 2224
Location Shetland Isles, Britain
Result Scottish-Irish victory
  • Rebellion crushed
  • Annexation of the Shetlands
Shetland Isles is annexed into the Scottish Republic
Flag of Scotland (navy blue).svg Scottish Republic
Supported by:
U.S.R.I. Flag (1) New Republic of Ireland
52420-200 Communist Rebels
Supported by:
Irish Communist Party Flag Irish Communist Party
Badge of the Irish Defence Forces.svg New Irish Republican Army

Flag of Scotland (navy blue).svg Scottish Army

52420-200 Scottish rebels
  • LÉ Eamon de Valera

The Shetlands Conflict was a war fought in the Shetland islands north of Scotland between the Scottish Republic, supported by the New Republic of Ireland, and communist rebels being supplied by the Irish Communist Party in an attempt expend Scottish and Republican resources. The war, which lasted only five months, was a decisive victory for Scottish-Irish forces, successfully repressing the rebellion. Notably, it was the Irish Republican Navy's first major engagement, going up against modified fishing boats used by the rebels.


During the spread of communism across post-war Ireland in the 2170s up until the 2180s, the ideology had flourished amongst the more poor and peasant people of Ireland and somne wanted to spread it further beyond just Ireland leading some communist expeditionaries to venture out into the neighboring English wasteland. As with Ireland, the ideolgoy found success and a large following the post-war ruins of the former United Kingdom, with many communists emerging in former Scotland, which was now falling under the increasing control and influence of the Scottish Republic. Seeing this, communist enclavces up in the Shetlands had delcared their independence and established what they called the Scottish People's Republic. Scottish explorers had made it to the Shetlands in late 2223, but they were found and executed by the communist militants in the region prompting the Scottish Republic to delcare war on the communist insurgents.

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