Shanxi Type 17
Shanxi Type 17 Chinese pistol
Country of origin China
Production history
Year designed 1929
Number produced 30,000,000
Service history
Users People's Liberation Army
Principality of Quebec
Cost 50-100 Yuan
7.25-21.74 USD
Weight 1,130 grams
Action Short recoil
Fire Mode Semi-automatic
Cartridge .45 ACP (1929-2040)
10mm round (2040-onward)
Effective range 150-200 meters
Muzzel velocity 425 m/s
Overall length 270 mm
Barrel length 99mm
Feed system 10-round internal magazine

Shanxi Type 17, also known as the Chinese Pistol or the Red Gun by American soldiers, was a pre-war firearm produced and made in China in service of the People's Liberation Army. It was made for the nationalists during the Chinese Civil War but rose to prominance as a means of replacing the Soviet Makarov PM and eventually rose to become one of China's most prominent weapons in its military having been used as the de-facto weapon by many Chinese officers.

Design SpecificationsEdit

The Shanxi Type 17 was originally designed in 1929 by the Taiyuan Arsenal for the Army of Yan Xishan and was first used during the Chinese Civil War and was used by the Republic of China. It holds a strong resemblence to the German Mauser C96 pistol and shares its other traits such as as similiar weight and barrel length. The magizine has 10 rounds in it and is inserted at the top to load the gun like the Mauser.

Service HistoryEdit

The Shanxi Type 17 was first produced and made in 1929 in service of Yan Xishan, a Chinese warlord and member of the government of the Republic of China. He and his forces used the Shanxi as one of their weapons against the communist forces during the Chinese Civil War. After the end of the war in 1949 with a communist victory, the nationalists fled to Taiwan and established a new government and nation there and the Shanxi became the de-facto pistol of the Taiwanese military while the PLA instead used the Makarov PM.

Throught the 20th Century, the Shanxi was used by the Taiwanese forces until 1988 when the PLA abandoned the usage of the Makarov and instead used the Shanxi instead as the new official firearm of the PLA following the end of the Sino-Soviet War and the crushing Chinese defeat as a result. From 1988 and into the 21st century, the Shanxi was modified and mass-produced to the point where tens of millions were available and were sold across the entire world by both China and the Soviet Union.

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