This is a name of a massive orbital space station designed and built by General Atomics and Poseideon Energy appears in Chicago rising


The Saturn and its sister Zeus were designed and built by General Atomics Internationl and Poseideon Energy to be a massive orbital strike weapon for use by the U.S Satcom to bring down the massive nuclear payload of the Titan VI or "Silver Bullet" missiles waying in at 120 megatons each they were built to destroy entire countries with one shot.Also the iclusion of a massive 800mm nuclear artillery peice on Saturn and the same caliber artillery peice on the Zeus, the exception being it fired massive plasma shots, made the super weapon the most fearsome in the U.S Arsenal.


The satellite was designed around the massive 800mm artillery peice and this gun was ringed with 18 nuclear missile tubes all of which were loaded at all times with enough spares for each tube to fire twice more. couple this with the artillery rounds this was a powerful satellite.

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