One of the many farm areas controlled by Síochánta.

Population ~2,000
Currency Bottlecaps
Language English, Gaelic
Leader President of Síochánta
Capitol Central Síochánta
Government type City-State
Period active 2187-

Síochánta is a powerful city-state in the countryside of the county of Limerick, Ireland. It's an independent city-state and an ally of the New Republic of Ireland which has been at odds with raiders, thieves, and The Celts as well as other known threats to them like the Irish Communist Party. The city has many farms, houses, and resources making it one of the most thriving regions in all of post-war Ireland, but also a target as well.




While Síochánta has no offensive military force, its Defence Force is fairly robust and sophisticated. Trained by the NIRA and supplied by its same suppliers, Síochántan troops are some of the best equipped and trained soldiers in Ireland.


Map of post-war Ireland

A map of post-war faction boundaries in Ireland with Síochánta represented in blue

Síochánta is a small city-state and holds very little territory. It's located east-central Ireland and borders the New Republic of Ireland in all directions, but is also not far away from Celt territory. Most of Síochántan territory is primarily farmland and urban centers with Central Síochánta being the more urbanized while the outer regions are mainly farmland.

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