Gunnery Sergeant Roy Carson
Cpl. Ermey

Sergeant Roy Carson in 2075

(USMC) was a American soldier and a survivor of the Great War.


Early LifeEdit

Roy Frank Carson was born on March 24, 2055 in Parsons, Tennessee. The only son of Steven and Mary Carson, he had a safe and quiet life. One of his best friends during his childhood and his teenage years was Elias Durden, the future overseer of a Vault in the nearby. During his years in the high school, he fell in love with a girl named Claudia, but his love was unrequited. He developed a big interest in the Army and, in 2073, soon after his graduation, he chose to enlist into the United States Marines Corp to forget Claudia.

Canada CampaignEdit

He was deployed in Canada before the end of the year. He served during the annexation of Canada as a military police officer, but he was disgusted by the behavior of his fellow soldiers. Several times he thought about desert the army, but he didn't want to be labeled as a coward or a traitor and he stayed until the end of his fifth tour of duty, in late September 2077. Soon after his return, the Great War broke out.

Great WarEdit

Due to his contacts in the USMC, he understood that something big was going to happen. His parents had already booked a place in a nearby Vault, but Claudia and his family had not. With the help of Elias, his childhood friend, he managed to save her.

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