Republican-Communist War
Part of the British Isles Conflicts
Maxresdefault (2)
Army Rangers assault a communist gun position in a derelict van
Date January 13th, 2186 - February 18th, 2189
Location Southwestern Ireland
  • Munster
Result Republican Victory
  • Collapse and surrender of the Irish Communist Party
  • NIR Annexation of the communist states
All communist states annexed into NIR protectorates
Irish Communist Party Flag Irish Communist Party U.S.R.I. Flag (1) New Republic of Ireland
Irish Communist Party Flag Chairman Finn Ó Duilleáin
Irish Communist Party Flag Defense Commission
U.S.R.I. Flag (1) Taoiseach Senan Ailin
Irish Communist Party Flag Irish People's Liberation Army Untitled drawing (18) New Irish Republican Army
1,000+ soldiers killed or wounded 120+ soldiers killed or wounded
Territories taken by the NIR continue to remain contested between the NIR and the natives Celts
The Republican-Communist War was an armed conflict fought between the New Republic of Ireland and the Irish Communist Party that occured during the late 2180s. The war errupted after the Irish Communist Party began expanding across southwestern Ireland, establishing numerous different states and threatened the NIR allied city-state of Síochánta which promted the NIR to act. Taking advantage of the weakened NIR state from their failed invasion of Northern Ireland, the communist swept across NIR territory and overwhelmed them during the first half of the war and were marching onward to victory.

By mid-2187 however, the tide of the wat changed when the NIR began recieving support from both the Scottish Republic and even the neighboring Independent State of Ulster which aided them in their fight and eventually drove the communist forces out of NIR territory and back into theirs. Irish Republicans began assaulting communist holdings and territories across southwestern Ireland and by 2189, the communists surrendered and sued for peace, ending the war and resulting in the NIR annexing most of their territory.


Back in pre-war times during the last years of the Republic of Ireland prior to the Great War, communism was present in pre-war Ireland and was an ideology that was held and supported by many Irishmen, but they were in the minority due to the Cold War and other events, leaving them in the dark. Years later, Ireland survived the bombs, but the republic collapsed months later and the island was left in chaos. During those times, descendants of the communists had rallied many to their cause and established a government over many areas and eventually formed the Irish Communist Party by the year 2185. The presence of order and equal distribution of wealth and resources made the communist party attractable to many and so, many nation states and factions joined them and began spreading across southwestern Ireland from Munster all the way to various regions surrounding Cork.

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