Welcome to the Republic of Samsung City a independent trading hub

- On the welcoming sign outside of the entrance to the city

Republic of Samsung City
Motto "Do your part to remain strong and free"
Leader David Samsung
Capital Samsung city
Type Republic
Period active 2277-present
Region Capital Wasteland
The Republic of Samsung city often refer as the Republic is a independent trading hub in the capital wasteland.

History Edit

A couple of months before the purifier was activated was a small village that stood on a main trading highway. It lead from Megaton to Canterbury commons and close to Project Purity. They had a small militia, water, grew brahmin and had a couple of major caravan companies that sent branches of them here to trade. They had a village council and its leader was David Samsung. The village was not doing so well. not many caravans were passing threw. From raiders to super mutants they would block the paths. They were afraid of falling until a couple days after the purifier was activated. A squad of the Brotherhood of Steel come through and the village welcomed them. The squad told them about the purifier and its wonders. Everyone at the village was happy to hear that the squad was sent to kill the group of raiders blocking their path. The squad left the village to continue with its mission. The village council met up in a important meeting. It was the night when the squad left for their mission. This meeting contained many caravan company managers, merchants, and citizens.

Economy Edit

Goverment Edit

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