This was a operation activated by the NCR government after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam.

Background Edit

After the Second Battle of Hoover Dam the NCR had noticed many raider tribes on NCR territory, NCR camps still away from support, towns hating the NCR, and caravan companies causing trouble. So the NCR activated this operation after Executive order: Re-location.

The Operations Edit

The Caravans Edit

The NCR soon sent Rangers undercover to see what was going on with them. The Rangers reported very small Chem trafficking, some black mailing, and the over ruling of small NCR villages. the NCR soon negotiated with these caravans. Most took the money and had signed a pact to stop. But a couple of the Chem trafficking caravans were refusing so the 288th Battalion was sent to take care of it. They set up shop at New Reno put a curfew over the town, set up a fence around the town, and patrolled the town. They found a ruined shop in one of the towns. Most of the towns shops were either remodeled into shops or turned into casinos, strip clubs, or houses. A NCR squad was sent into the building to check it out. They found what looked like 5 chem dealers and 7 customers commencing a drug deal in the basement. The NCR squad arrested them and the shop was put under police control. After this all the caravans signed the pact and most of the caravans wre given new managers. The NCR battalion was them sent to the village of Silver Grounds on the Nevada- Arizona border. They found a caravan using the townsfolk to make their goods or were killed. They NCR to their manager into custody and the town was liberated and put under NCR jurisdiction. Then they found out that the Mojave Crimson Caravan division was black mailing along with the Van Graffs. Their managers were arrested and the NCR set their strict trading laws from New California to the Mojave also strengthening their position their. After all this the NCR had no more problems with their own caravans and everything back at home seemed to be at peace again.

The Mojave Towns/Villages Edit

Townsfolk in the Mojave didn't want to pay NCR taxes. So the NCR sent many squads from the Riot Control to these locations. The NCR negotiated with many of the towns like the west side and Primm. The West Side, Primm, the East side and many more were given NCR negotiators. The NCR let the towns get a sheriff or police force, form a Judical system and get a mayor. The NCR also gave the towns some money to make their towns hot trading spots. Most people and towns now weren't as lenient about the NCR taking over due to their striking increase in trade.

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