152 (US)

54 (Mexico)


Caesar's Legion (Formerly)

Notable locations:

US Border Station 927

US Border Wall

Town Hall

Nogales is a small city along the US-Mexico border in southern Arizona.


Nogales was the site of many additions to US border security due to the New Plague, including the construction of a 25 foot tall concrete wall to keep the quarantine. It was the site of the Nogales Border Conflict in 2069 when Mexicans wishing to enter the United States fired upon Border Guards along the wall, resulting in the deaths of 28 Mexicans and 3 US Border Patrolmen. When the bombs fell in 2077, almost 700 evacuated the town to Vault 4.

Post WarEdit

Nogales was quickly fortified along both sides, and became a well defended community. But, by 2090, the town found itself in a schism between the Mexican side and the US side, eventually leading to the Northern side taking control of the old border wall and the checkpoint to assert their control. Sporadic fighting continued for many years, until Caesar's Legion worked that far south.

Caesar's LegionEdit

Caesar's forces moved into the region soon after Flagstaff was conquered, and decided to temporarily halt along the border, as the wall made it readily defensible. The only crossing point in the region was the checkpoint, formerly known as US Border Station 927. The town was also on a main trade route, being the southern end of I-19, making it easy to move troops and supplies for the invasion of Mexico. By 2282, Caesar's legion had pulled most of its troops out of the region after their second defeat in the First Battle of Hoover Dam.

Post LegionEdit

After the Legion left, the gangs that had completely overrun the areas south of the border after being forced into Mexico by the Legion began to return to the old US, causing a lot of trouble for Nogales. The old border station was breached, and the border areas became a war zone between bandits and the town's militia. Nogales remained on the trading routes, but gained a reputation as a dangerous place due to all the gangs coming back from the South.


Nogales consists of its outskirts, which are mostly abandoned, and the inner city, which is home to most of the population. The day to day business is run at the Town Hall in the center of the city, with Caesar's Legion having their headquarters in the old Police Station, using the court yard as a slave market. After the Legion left, the station was occupied by the new town Sheriff. The Wall was abandoned as well, and soon fell into worse disrepair than ever, with some of the watch towers falling and damaging it still farther. The Mexican side of the city was always overrun, due to the border wall being built as a defense from the US, South Nogales was mostly abandoned to the gangs.

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