New Vegas Union
Flag Of Las Vegas
Population Approximately 2,000,000
Currency NCR Dollar

Poker Chip


Language English
Leader President of the NVU
Capitol Lucky 38, New Vegas
Government type • Political and Economic Union

• Military Alliance

Period active 2282-

The New Vegas Union (NVU) is an alliance of 9 member factions located in the Mojave Desert and on the West Coast. It has a population of about 2,000,000 and New Vegas serves as its capital city. The NVU currently stands as one of the most powerful factions of the post-war era.

Formation and Early History Edit

In the later months of 2281, Caesar's Legion was preparing to attack Hoover Dam and gain control of New Vegas. The NCR was spread thin and not prepared to defend Hoover Dam. Mr. House was aware of this and with the aid of the Courier he used the Platinum Chip to upgrade his securitron army. Mr. House and the Courier founded the New Vegas Union and intended to unite every major faction opposed to the Legion and assist the NCR in defending Hoover Dam. The Courier wanted every possible advantage against the Legion so in addition to gaining the support of as many factions as possible, the Courier also acquired advanced technology from Big MT, nuclear weapons from The Divide and Archimedes II from HELIOS One. The Legion was struck with an ICBM from The Divide and suffered catastrophic damage. This setback combined with the fact that the NVU was supported by the Enclave Remnants and the Boomers at the Second Battle of Hoover Dam, meant that the Legion was severely outmatched and the NVU suffered zero casualties. After the NVU's display of surperior military strength and advanced technology, the heavily weakened Legion surrendered and disbanded. The NVU went on to become one of the most dominant forces in post-war America.

Member Factions Edit

  1. Mr. House / Three Families
  2. Enclave Remnants
  3. The Think Tank
  4. Boomers
  5. Followers of the Apocalypse
  6. Brotherhood of Steel (Mojave and West Coast)
  7. New California Republic
  8. Shi
  9. Gun Runners

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