New Irish Republican Army
Badge of the Irish Defence Forces.svg
Anthem "Amhrán na bhFiann" (The Soldier's Song)
Language English, Gaelic
Leader Ceann Foirne
Government type Defence Forces
Period active 2125-
The New Irish Republican Army (Irish: Nua Óglaigh na hÉireann), or NIRA is the offensive and defensive force of the New Republic of Ireland, and is one of the dominant forces on the island of Ireland. Despite being referred to as the Army, the NIRA includes all military under the jurisdiction of the New Republic. Founded soon after the Republic, the NIRA is currently in the midst of a multi-front war with several other factions in the British Isles.


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Formed from the Volunteer Force that guarded the early Republic, the Army is the largest military force under the jurisdiction of the NIRA, and the most effective military force on the entire island of Ireland. Under the jurisdiction of the Army, there is also the Army Ranger Wing, the special forces of the NIRA. The Army itself consists of two Brigades, with 4 infantry battalions, 1 artillery company, 2 engineer companies, and 1 cavalry squadron each.

IrishArmy 36Btn Congo 1961

Soldiers of the 18th Infantry Battalion taking position above an overpass.

  • 1st Brigade (~3,700 personnel)
    • 1st Infantry Battalion (~650 personnel)
    • 2nd Infantry Battalion (~750 personnel)
    • 5th Infantry Battalion (~750 personnel)
    • 7th Infantry Battalion (~800 personnel)
    • 1st Artillery Company (~100 personnel)
    • 3rd Engineer Company (~100 personnel)
    • 8th Engineer Company (~100 personnel)
    • 5th Cavalry Squadron (~450 personnel)
ZD 17 Congo 1960

Troops from the 5th Cavalry Squadron utilize an armored vehicle while advancing into Celt territory.

  • 2nd Brigade (~3,800 personnel)
    • 9th Infantry Battalion (~700 personnel)
    • 12th Infantry Battalion (~800 personnel)
    • 18th Infantry Battalion (~700 personnel)
    • 27th Infantry Battalion (~800 personnel)
    • 2nd Artillery Company (~75 personnel)
    • 10th Engineer Company (~150 personnel)
    • 15th Engineer Company (~100 personnel)
    • 7th Cavalry Squadron (~500 personnel)

Army Ranger WingEdit

Main article: Army Ranger Wing

The special forces of the NIRA, the ARW is one of the most feared and revered branches of the Republic's forces. Named directly after the former Irish Republic special forces branch, its members are highly skilled and excessively trained in combat. They are also some of the very few branches of the NIRA that have access to laser weapons and other valuable weapons and armor, expensive and incredibly valuable commodities in the British Isles. Members of the ARW have operated in numerous places and situations, from the Curragh wasteland, to the Shetland, Faroe, and Orkney Islands, to even conducting a rescue operation in Iceland. Overall, the ARW consists of around 750 active personnel. Their equipment is most commonly camouflaged fatigues and smocks with a beret or helmet and tactical vest to match. However, many officers and elite members wear pre-war riot armor, which was also used by upper echelon members of the original Army Ranger Wing.


In the early days of the Republic, its earliest volunteer forces managed to seize Haulbowline Island, the base of the former Irish Naval Service, along with most of the Irish fleet of 12 ships, although 3 of which were damaged beyond repair by earlier raiders and tribes. The guns on these early ships, despite featuring large cannons common on pre-war warships, were fairly useless due to the fact that ammunition was incredibly scarce. However, these ships only lasted the Republic shy of 30 years, leaving the Navy to settle on constructing much less efficient boats.

Ships from 2158-2187Edit

  • Eithne
  • James Joyce
  • Ciara
  • Niamh
  • Orla (sunk by pirates in 2174)
  • William Butler Yeats
  • Samuel Beckett
  • Jack Lynch
  • Patrick Quinlan

Ships from 2188-PresentEdit

  • Padraig Pearse
  • Michael Collins

    The LÉ Michael Collins.

  • Arthur Griffith
  • Eoin MacNeill
  • James Connolly
  • Eamon de Valera (sunk in 2224)
  • Carlow
  • Kilkenny
  • Waterford
  • Donegal
  • Kildare

Marine RegimentEdit

There are detachments of soldiers, referred to as the Marine Regiment, on every ship. Their primary purposes are to repel boarders and act as boarders themselves when the need arises. Most of these men come from both the Army and the Navy, and are equipped with much lighter gear and a mostly medium- and long-range weapons. Occasionally, they may also act as shock troops, landing on a beach or port and taking the enemy by surprise, as they did in the Shetlands Conflict. However, this tactic is very rare, as this would also leave their ships nearly defenseless against attackers.

Air CorpsEdit

610x WGF AircoDH2 side

The Wright flyer-esque plane manufactured for the Air Corps. It is the most common and readily replaceable vehicle utilized by the NIRA.

The NIRA has a very limited Air Corps. The only truly effective vehicles available are a small fleet of 27 helicopters and three propeller airplanes. The majority of the helicopters were recovered from airfields on the Isle of Man and and some from pre-war military bases in Ireland, while the planes were donations from Ulster in 2271 to show support in their alliance against the Celts. However, attempts to manufacture Wright-flyer style biplanes have been successful, first being integrated into the Air Corps in 2275. Their effectiveness is incredibly limited, however, and are only utilized for reconnaissance and restrained bombing runs. Currently, there are around 50 of them in active service, and are becoming increasingly common. There have also been attempts in cooperation with weapons manufacturers to build more advanced metal and wooden airplanes, testing of which has proved fruitful but not yet quite applicable to military use.



Name Type Ammunition type Photo Notes
FN FAL Battle rifle 7.62mm/.308
Fal imbel
Standard battle rifle, used by all branches; capable of being used as a sniper support weapon when modified with scope
Lee-Enfield Bolt-action rifle .303
Increasingly rare, scavenged and refitted, not manufactured; commonly modified to serve as a sniper rifle
Steyr AUG Assault rifle 5.56mm
AUG A1 508mm 04
Standard assualt rifle, common among all branches
N99 Pistol 10mm
10mm pistol (Gamebryo)
Used by officers, Army Rangers, and some engineers, medics, and NCOs
H&A sidearm Pistol 9mm
9mm Pistol
Common, used by NCOs, officers, Army Rangers, medics, artillerymen, drivers, airmen, sailors, and engineers
12.7mm sidearm Pistol 12.7mm
Download (9)
Almost exclusively used by Army Rangers; occasionally used by officers and NCOs
9mm SMG (Fallout New Vegas)
Used by Army Rangers, engineers, artillerymen, airmen, engineers, and regular infantrymen
12.7mm SMG SMG 12.7mm
12.7mm SMG
Used by Army Rangers and occasionally engineers and sailors
FN Minimi Light machine gun 5.56mm
300px-M249 FN MINIMI DA-SC-85-11586 c1
Used by Army Rangers and infantry support platoons; common aboard navy ships
AER9 Laser rifle Microfusion cell
Banning assault weapons is futile laser weapons are the real 19a90856aaff150a51f7e0d6f5861fdd
Extremely rare; only utilized by Army Rangers
Blade-Deckard personal sidearm Pistol .223/5.56mm
Rare, usually personal weapons purchased by individual officers or Army Rangers


2014-11-12 dro 4586802 I1

Infantrymen in the regular Army uniform.

NIRA uniforms, for the most part, are very similar. In the regular Army, almost all uniforms consist of woodland camouflage fatigues and smocks worn with matching tactical vests and helmets. This includes Engineer and Artillery units. Some units will place grass and leaves on their helmets for better camouflage. Cavalry units use much lighter gear, with olive green fatigues, web gear, and helmets. Occasionally, infantry units will utilize a similar uniform, but they stick with the standard uniform for the most part.

The Navy and Air Corps both wear simple olive green fatigues, with airmen wearing a helmet and goggles. Marines also wear a similar uniform, with an added kevlar vest and helmet, boonie cover, or knit cap as headgear.


Domestic ConflictsEdit

Overseas DeploymentsEdit

Notable Battles/EngagementsEdit

Notable MembersEdit


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