Unified Commonwealth of New America
Motto Rebirth of American freedom
Population Approximately 1,000,000
Currency Unified Commonwealth Dollar (UCD)


Language English
Leader President of the UCNA (Shaun)

Commander in Chief (Sole Survivor)

General of the U.C. Army (General Preston Garvey)

General of the U.C. Air Force (General Kells)

Capitol Washington D.C.
Government type Presidential Republic
Period active 2288-

The Unified Commonwealth of New America (UCNA) is a democratic republic on the East Coast of the United States. The scientific and engineering expertise of The Institute combined with the military prowess of the Brotherhood of Steel means that the UCNA stands as one of the strongest political, economic, technological and military superpowers in post-war America, rivalling even some pre-war nations. Its population of over 1 million rivals that of the NCR. Washington D.C. serves as the capital city, just like it did for pre-war United States.

Formation Edit

The UCNA was formed from the The Institute, the Commonwealth Minutemen and the east coast chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel. As the War of the Commonwealth neared it's end, it was discovered by the Brotherhood of Steel that one of their senior officers known as Paladin Danse was in fact a synth. Whether it was the Institute's intention to infiltrate the Brotherhood or the fact that Danse was a runaway synth freed by the Railroad is unknown. Regardless, this event was highly favourable for the Institute. Shaun, the Director of the Institute, was informed of this by the Sole Survivor, who was also a Knight of the Brotherhood and a close friend of Danse before it was discovered that he was a synth. Shaun, instead of immediately reclaiming Danse, had the charismatic Sole Survivor defend Danse in a well thought-out plan to overthrow Elder Maxson and have the Brotherhood stand down. After Shaun's plan succeeded and the Sole Survivor replaced Maxson as Elder of the Brotherhood, the Synth Retention Bureau dispatched a courser to covertly reclaim Danse, who was then declared MIA and believed to be assassinated by a Brotherhood Outcast group. Thanks to the change in leadership of the Brotherhood, they were able to be convinced to cooperate peacefully with the Institute and the Commonwealth Minutemen. At first this alliance was rough, but eventually it grew into a superpower nation that would outclass the Enclave and the New California Republic in almost every, if not all aspects. The Sole Survivor convinced Shaun to change his opinion of the surface and its inhabitants and focus on helping them restore civilisation instead of waiting for them to die out. Shaun reluctantly agreed. Shaun was cured by Lorenzo Cabot's serum and he would serve as the first President of the UCNA.

Consolidation Edit

Shaun's first act as President was to declare the Railroad terrorists to the UCNA for their constant attacks on the Institute and by extension the UCNA. The raid on the Old North Church would serve as a test exercise of unity between the SRB and Brotherhood of steel who had been combined into the U.C. Armed Forces along with the Minutemen. The brutal success of the raid would help ease the tension between the Institute and Brotherhood by fighting a common enemy. The Railroad leaders were apprehended and taken into custody. The U.C. High Court ordered the disbanding of the Railroad and sentenced the Railroad leaders to life imprisonment. After this success Shaun began a tour of the UCNA Via the Prydwen. In the beginning of the UCNA it had holdings in the Commonwealth, Maine, and the Capital Wasteland and outlining areas.

In early to mid 2288, the Sole Survivor lead the first real joint exercise of all 3 former factions by leading an attack against the raiders at Nuka-World. The operation would prove an overwhelming success.

At some point in 2291, the Prydwen was sent on an expedition to the West Coast after the U.C. Government learned of the NCR's existence. Upon arriving in the Mojave desert, the Prydwen made contact with the New Vegas Union and was given permission to dock at Nellis Air Force Base. After the UCNA and NVU negotiated an alliance, both factions could travel freely between the West Coast and East Coast via Nellis Air Force Base and Adams Air Force Base.

Government Edit

In late 2288, the U.C. Congress gathered in Washington D.C. and ratified the Constitution of New America. It guaranteed certain rights of freedom to the citizens of the UCNA and that all settlements had to follow the laws set forth by the congress. The power to declare war was given to the Congress while the President and Commander in Chief were able to put forth a motion of deceleration of war. The President was able to call for the formation of a provisional army to defend the UCNA in times of crisis and if given approval by the Congress to go to war. The Commander in Chief was able to mobilize the Armed Forces in order to defend UCNA holdings without Congressional consent but could be overridden by Congressional order. This allowed for the immediate defense of the UCNA before Congress has to make a decision.

The congress would be made up of 1 congressman for every UCNA District. Entry into the congress was carried out via a nomination in congress where the top 3 candidates would be offered a chance then followed by a nationwide election. The candidate with the most votes would be granted a seat in congress. The election for President was carried out the same way and they were allowed to serve three 5 year terms as were members of Congress. The Commander in Chief would be chosen by the President while the General of the Army, General of the Air Force and Chief of Naval Operations were chosen by the Commander in Chief.

Districts of the UCNAEdit

Founding Districts

  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • Washington D.C.
  • Mt. Desert Island
  • The Pitt
  • Nuka-World
  • Adams Air Force base

Post Founding Districts

  • Green Mountains
  • Grants
  • New Rochester
  • New Albany
  • New Portland
  • Rhodes
  • New Connecticut
  • Great Lanta
  • New Virginia
  • Baltland
  • New Charlotte
  • New Charlottetown
  • New Delaware
  • New Jackson


The military is divided into three main branches: The Army, Navy, and Air force. While much of the supplies used are pre-war, a decent amount are developed post-war due to a large number of surviving industrial complexes, advanced technology, abundant raw resources and the facilities to use them, and the fact that a number of UCNA groups, namely the Brotherhood, Minutemen, and Institute, are familiar with manufacturing their own equipment.

D.I.C.E. Edit

D.I.C.E. stands for "Defense, Intelligence, Capture, Espionage". They are the Special Forces branch of the armed forces and also act as a federal law enforcement agency. Its primary mission is to defend the UCNA through non-conventional means. This is done through monitoring both the nation itself and the outside world, assessing possible threats as they come. Inside the nation, they recruit new operatives, eliminate rebel cells, cooperate with local authorities in destroying large criminal organizations, and keep an eye on influential people. Outside, they assassinate raider warlords, sabotage equipment, capture documents, scout and infiltrate key locations, organize resistance in local factions against larger, more hostile ones, and securing vital personnel.

They also secure advanced technology, a trait shared with one of their founding father factions, the Brotherhood of Steel. Unlike them however, they only claim the technology if it's unclaimed, in hostile hands, or generally too dangerous. If it's the latter and the group is too weak/vulnerable, then DICE and the UCNA will try to negotiate a trade with the group to secure the technology. If that fails, then they'll usually try to stage an incident to either capture or destroy the technology.

Many of DICE's members are made up from Institute Coursers, BoS Paladins, and ex-Railroad Agents.



Shaun, the first President of the UCNA.