New Confederate States of America
New Confederate States Flag.svg
Motto Deo vindice (Under God, our Vindicator)
Anthem New Dixie
Population 840,000 by 2280
Currency Confederate Dollar
Language English
Leader President of the Confederate States
Capitol Montgomery
Government type Confederacy
Period active 2204 -
The New Confederate States of America, commonly refered to as the Confederate States or the Confederacy, is post-war faction located in the former southern United States. Founded in 2204, the new Confederacy is a post-war nation and the continuation of the original Confederate States of America back in the 19th Century.


Origins and FoundationEdit

The New Confederate States has its roots dated back to the first Confederacy all the way back in 1861 when the southern states of America had seceeded in an attempt to retain the institution of slavery resulting in the outbreak of the civil war. The war ended in 1865 with a Union victory and the Confederacy was soon dissolved and annexed back into the United States. By the 21st Century, the south was American territory and many of its residents had pro-confederate sentiments due to their ancestors.

During the Great War of October 23rd, 2077, the United States and the entire world was engulfed in nuclear fire as the world was torn apart and nearly destroyed. Many vaults were constructed and active across the southern United States and many southerners had survived In 2204, many of the vaults had collapsed due to internal unrest and the removal of needed systems from pre-war times. As a result, the surviving vault populations went out into the wasteland to rebuild society. That same year, neo-confederates had established a base of operations in Montgomery and began expanding across the former south to unite them under the new confederate banner.

Confederate Expansion Edit

After taking over Montgomery and other surrounding areas, the confederates marched all across the south in all directions. Settlements and cities quickly fell and were united under the Confederate banner which was just an alliance of city-states and settlements much like the early days of the New California Republic. As time went on, the south was beginning to become reunified with most of the former confederate states having their territory annexed into the south and the old states being revived. As the confederates continued their march, they ran into conflicts with local tribes, gangs, anarchists and rogue merenaries from 2208 - 2214.

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