Desert Armor2

Nantis, NCR veteran ranger.

Nantis is a very experienced NCR ranger wandering the wastes to find a purpose and also the main protagonist of NCR Wanderer.


Nantis was raised in NCR territory. His real name is Nant Rande. He adopted the name Nantis when he was considered an outcast to the soldiers due to his creepy appearence among other them.

Legion raidEdit

Nantis was sleeping when finishing patrol. A massive legion patrol was observing the ranger station knowing they were not up against normal soldiers. Upon sleeping, an explosion came off. A ranger yelled out the legion and every ranger in the base was on full alert. Nantis woke up and went into the action. The attack lasted an hour.

NCR banishmentEdit

After the legion raid, a little boy was seen outside the base. Nantis went to the child along with his squad. He confronted the boy and noticed a hand grenade in his hand. He grabbed it and accidently threw it to his squad as they approached. The act was seen and Nantis was dishonorably discharged. He has'nt been seen or heard from since then.

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