Fallout NCR wanderer cover

Mock-up Cover.

NCR Wanderer tells the story of Nantis, a dishonorably discharged NCR veteran ranger. He will visit places set in the game itself including The Strip, Gun Runners kiosk, Goodsprings, and more.

Authors noteEdit

I am the admin of Mass Effect Fan Fiction, so don't expect me to do much on this story. I mostly contribute in MEFF and I'm going around and seeing other fan fiction wiki's. Enjoy the story but please be noted that my writing is bad.



Nantis was walking through the dusty winds that filled the air. He was safe from inhaling them due to his ranger helmet. Wandering the land near Goodsprings, Nantis ran toward a rock that covered a top. He rslid under it.

"I hate sand storms." He muttered to himself. It grew thicker. Nantis sighed from the thought that he would stay under the rock for a day. In the extreme thick storm, A shadowy figure ran through the storm. Nantis ran for the figure. He jumped the lone figure to find out it was an NCR veteran ranger like himself. Except, it was a her. He let go of her torso. She disgusted his appearence when she gained sight of her savior.

"Watch where you are going, soldier!" She shouted at him.

"I'm no soldier anymore." He replied back to her. She looked at when when finiishing dusting off her coat arm.

"Your NCR.... Wait! Your Nant Rande." She said to him. Nantis sighed.

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