NCR Arizona Offensive
Part of the NCR-Legion War
An NCR Trooper overlooking the Arizona Wasteland Near Kingman, AZ
Date March, 2282 - February, 2283
Location Arizona
Result NCR victory
  • Caesar's Legion is expelled from Arizona
  • Destruction of the Legion's Army of Arizona
All Legion areas annexed into the NCR and the Arizonan Republic
Flag of New California New California Republic

Supported By:

LegionEmblem Caesar's Legion
Flag of New California President Aaron Kimball

Flag of New California General Lee Oliver
Flag Of Las Vegas Robert House (New Vegas)
Horse Military Emblem Joshua Graham (Zion Infantry)

LegionEmblem Aurelius of Phoenix
LegionEmblem Legate Marius
Flag of New California NCR Defense Force
  • ~12,000 infantry (all factions combined)
  • ~1000 Cavalry
  • First Recon
  • NCR Rangers
  • ~400 improvised fighting vehicles
  • ~200 robots (including 50 New Vegas Securitrons)
  • ~300 assorted artillery pieces (35 Boomers, remainder NCR Army)
  • 150 pre-war tanks and APCs (NCR Army)
  • 61 Vertibirds (40 NCR, 20 Brotherhood, 1 Enclave Remnant)
  • 20 F-80 Fighters (NCR Air Force)
  • 2 F-108 "Rapier" Fighters (NCR Air Force)
  • 2 improvised bombers (NCR Air Force)
  • 1 B-29 Superfortress (Boomers)
  • 1 B-52 Stratofortress (NCR Air Force)
LegionEmblem Legion Military
  • ~10,000 legionaries
  • Less than 200 vehicles
  • Less then 50 pre-war tanks and APCs
  • 15 Vertibirds (most destroyed on ground at Nova Roma)
Light Severe

The NCR Arizona Offensive was an offensive conducted by the New California Republic Defense Force and allied factions, including New Vegas, The Brotherhood of Steel, the Dead Horses, the Boomers, and various rebel slave and anti-Legion insurgent factions, during in the latter stages of the NCR-Legion War in 2282. The offensive was facilitated by greater allocation of forces and resources to the war against the Legion thanks to the cessation of hostilities with the West Coast chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel in the Treaty of Lost Hills. Previously, the Mojave was seen as a low priority in a distant frontier, in comparison to the imminent threat of the Brotherhood. Newly allocated forces included mechanized and armored forces, which would prove devastating against the Legion, who had little armor or anti-tank weapons. In summer, 2282, the NCR and allied forces would take the Legion capital of Nova Roma (formerly Flagstaff), and the Third Caesar of the Legion, Aurelius of Phoenix. After the fall of Nova Roma, NCR and Allied forces attacked remaining Legion strongholds in the Magna Chasma (Grand Canyon) region to the north and the cities of Two Sun (formerly Tuscon) and Phoenix to the south. While Arizona was mostly under NCR control with the fall of Phoenix in fall 2282, ex-Legion raiders would continue to be a threat in the area for years to come.


A couple months prior, Caeser's Legion had launched a second assault on the Hoover Dam seeking to take over the instilation. Knowing that it would have the balance of power fall in their favor and the New Vegas Strip would be open for them to take over, the legion marched forward lead by the Legate Lanius under the leadership of Caesar. Legion troops engaged NCR forces in the Hoover Dam but, the NCR managed to protect the dam and the legion was forced into retreat with almost all legion forces wiped out and the deaths of Lanius and Caeser, the legion was left in shambles and they fled eastward. The Mojave Wasteland fell to the NCR and was annexed into the nation while the legion fled to the east deep into the Midwest and into other places such as Arizona and established various holdouts there. The legion warred with the natives and the NCR found out and eventually invaded Arizona to push out the legion for good. In addition to the destruction of Legion, one of the main incentives for the NCR to launch the assault was economic- central Arizona, including the area around the Legion capital of Nova Roma (former Flagstaff) is home to a large forest of ponderosa pine, a significant portion of which survived the Great War, having been far from the major cities which were the targets of nuclear attacks.

Siege of KingmanEdit

The start of the offensive came in March of 2282 when the NCR launched an offensive operation against the Legion held city of Kingman quicjly laying siege to the city. Kingman would be surrounded by NCR troops during the Battle of Dolan Springs where Dolan Springs was decisively taken by NCR forces and the city was layer surrounded and its Legion occupiers cut off from supply lines and potential reinforcements. The NCR used mechanized infantry forces to launch a prolounged offensive into the city and this caused slaves in the city to revolt and NCR artillery and air power aided the rebelling slaves in destabilizing the Legion forces in the area and pushed them back further and further until Legion troops were stuck in abandoned buildings and former food stores in last lines of defense. After the final defeat and surrender of all remaining Legion forces, the city fell into NCR hands and would be the first in a long series of victories by the NCR against Caesar's Legion. 

The Push WestEdit

With the victory at Kingman, the NCR marched westward and with the support of their allies in New Vegas, the Brotherhood and the Enclave Remnants as well as support from local Anti-Legion forces, pushed towards the city if Flagstaff, also known as Nova Roma, which was the capital of the Legion and their main base of operations. Legion settlements and camps would be taken along the way and Legion POWs were also taken and would rise the further the NCR and their allies advanced. The NCR would assault Legion holdings in Seligman and Williams where the former was taken with ease, the latter was an ambush that turned into a drawn out slugfeast which ended in a victory for the NCR and only temporarily haulted their advance towards Nova Roma. 

Siege of Nova RomaEdit

The Grand Canyon OffensiveEdit

Eastern Arizona OffensiveEdit

Southern Arizona OffensiveEdit


The offensive ended in victory for the NCR who successfully expelled the legion out of Arizona and annexed all areas that were under their control prior to the invasion. Most of Arizona was annexed into the NCR and plans were made to annex Arizona into the NCR as a new state, but many debated on whether or not it should be either a state or an independent protectorate instead, but Arizona was within the field of NCR influence regardless. Caesar's Legion suffered yet another major defeat and were forced to retreat once again with some fleeing to New Mexico while some more desperate legionnaires escaped either down south into Northern Mexico or up north into the Mid West hoping that they could escape the NCR in the respective regions. The NCR however, further pursued the legion forces and launched numerous offensives into New Mexico and in Northern Mexico while local governments, factions and even the weather of the Mid West delt with the legion forces hiding out there. 

After the offensive had ended, the NCR negotiated with local rebels in Arizona and managed to secure a treaty in which the NCR was granted full control over all former Legion territories in Arizona while the rest of the former U.S. state was allowed to become its own independent state. The NCR would train its military and offered police protection making the Republic of Arizona an NCR protectorate, but it retained much of its sovereignty in terms of laws, government, and other internal policies. Ex-Legion raiders would terrorize the region for years to come, but NCR support made sure that their damage was greatly reduced. After Arizona, the NCR launched offensive operations into New Mexico and Nevada to continue the war against the Legion and gained allies in those regions as well. 

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