NCR-Enclave War
Icons of the warring factions
Date 2248 - 2253
Location Mojave Wasteland
  • New California
Result NCR/Brotherhood Victory
  • Fragmentation of Enclave forces in the Mojave
  • Expansion of the NCR into northern California
Navarro and all of New California is annexed into the NCR
Flag of New California New California Republic

BoS logo Brotherhood of Steel

  • Mojave Brotherhood Mojave Chapter
Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) The Enclave
Flag of New California President Tibbett

BoS logo High Elder Jeremy Maxson

Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) John Henry Eden

Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) Commander Alex Hoffman
Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) Drill Sergent Arch Dornan

Flag of New California NCR Defense Force

BoS logo Brotherhood Military

Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) Enclave Armed Forces
Thousands of soldiers killed and injured Almost all forces in New California
The war was one of the most devastating losses for the Enclave and their war against the Brotherhood turned in favor of their rival faction.
The NCR-Enclave War was an armed conflict fought between the New California Republic and the Enclave which broke out in 2248. The war began when Enclave forces stationed in New California, launched an assault against the expanding NCR and sieged Navarro by force, sparking the conflict and the NCR officially declaring war a day later and mobilzied its military. The Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel aligned themselves with the NCR due to their war ongoing with the Enclave and fought alongside their troops against the Enclave and their mechanized forces. The war waged on for five years, but the NCR and their Brotherhood allies emerged victorious and the Enclave forces in the region were fragmented and left in ruins after the war.


Back in pre-war times in the months leading up to the Great War, the United States government had their secretive organization known as the Enclave, set up bases and other positions across the United States in order to preserve the country and its most important people in the event that a nuclear war every broke out. When the bombs fell on October 23rd, 2077, the Enclave went into hiding and spent years building up their resources and weapons, even developing new sets of power armor, for their inevitable quest to reclaim the former United States and restore the country. By the 2240s, the Enclave had established a strong presence in the Mojave Wasteland, but soon entered into New California where the expanding New California Republic was present at and began annexing territories up north near Enclave positions. 


North California OffensiveEdit

The war started when the Enclave had invaded and occupied the northern regions of New California and forced the inhabitants under its contro. Many settlements however, refused to do so and were more willing to join the NCR than the Enclave causing the organization to wipe out these settlements, provoking the NCR and motivating them to send troops up north to confront the Enclave forces. At first, the Enclave was able to deal with the NCR troops due to their advanced technology and power armor units, but the NCR had larger numbers and were eventually able to hold the line and stall the Enclave advancements. From 2248-2249, the NCR kept the Enclave at bay, but casualties were piling up and neither side was making any major advancements.

Brotherhood InterventionEdit

By mid-2249, the Mojave Chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel had contacted President Tibbet of the NCR and stated that the chapter would be willing to fight alongside the NCR troops and use their power armor units and advanced technology which would was on the same level as the Enclave's, in exchange for the NCR allowing a portion of land be handed over to the Brotherhood. Not wanting to give up such an opportunity, the NCR agreed to the terms and Brotherhood paladins began arriving in NCR bases in New California and fought alongside them against the Enclave forces who began a major offensive. NCR troops now began to advance and push forward now that the Brotherhood was fighting on their side. NCR infantry units pushed forward under the cover of Brotherhood power armor units while Enclave forces were bogged down and began taking heavy losses. Eventually, the Enclave were forced to retreat and fled back to Navarro, which was still under Enclave control.

Navarro OffensiveEdit

By 2252, the war had now finally turned in favor of the NCR as the Enclave was pushed back and foun themselves cornered at Navarro. Navarro itself was heavily defended and the Enclave had brought in robot units and armored support as well making it very difficult for the NCR to take the base even with the support of the Brotherhood of Steel. Eventually, the NCR and Mojave Brotherhood forces managed to msuter up a sizable assault force comrpised of standard NCR infantry and light armored Brotherhood soldiers supported by power armor units and armor, making it possible for the NCR-Brotherhood coalition to take Navarro and punch through Enclave defenses. By July of 2252, the assault had begun and Brotherhood paladins exchanged fire with Enclave soldiers and bought the NCR enough time to send in their mechanized and armored divisions who destroyed the Enclave defenses and eventually retook Navarro.

Final OffensiveEdit

The war continued on after the Navarro offensive with the remaining Enclave forces stationing themselves far north in New California and even as high up as small portions of southern Washington State. The NCR had no intentions on letting the Enclave retain a presence in New California and launched on final offensive along with the Mojave Brotherhood in late 2252 with the intent on forcing the Enclave to withdraw from the region all together and retreat to the Midwest Wasteland. The offensive ended in another decisive victory for the NCR with the Enclave having lost their final base and their forces being too fragmented to continue the fight and the Enclave High Command sent a letter stating their official withdraw from New California by early 2253 ending the war for the NCR and Mojave Brotherhood.

Aftermath Edit

The war ended in disaster for the Enclave which would go down as the biggest military failure in their history. Because the Enclave was in a state of war with the Brotherhood of Steel, their defeat in New California turned the tide of the war in the Brotherhood's favor as the Enclave had suffered heavy losses and had very little time to replenish their depleated ranks. The Enclave withdrew from New California, but some hardcore members either refused to do so or were left behind and thus, they regrouped and hid in pre-war bunkers and survivng Enclave facilities that weren't destroyed during the war. The surviving Enclave soldies later formed the Enclave Remnants. Other surviving Enclave soldiers integrated into NCR society as normal civilians, but those who were caught were put on trial for war crimes committed during the war such as the destruction of settlements and massacre of civilians.

On the other end, the NCR and Brotherhood of Steel had managed to win one of their most successful military operations in both factions' histories with the Navarro Offensive proving that the Enclave wasn't unstoppable and the Brotherhood used it in propaganda displaying NCR infantry units taking down power armor Enclave soldiers, though this was later discontinued as the same logic applied to the Brotherhood as well. Five years later however, the two former allies went to war over strained relations and tensions over the ownership and posession of advanced pre-war military technology and it spanned across the Mojave Wasteland.

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