A violent conflict between the powerful NCR and the Raider tribe the 80s.


NCR forces are fully engaged in fighting in the Mojave when attacks begin to spring up on Caravans moving along the Califrnia Route 80. NCR rangers are dispatched there and are initially successful at putting down the 80s,

830px-EnclaveSoldier 4 APAMKII 2277

A single photo found among a group of dead 80s caption: "Boys of the 1st Fast Attack Wing showed these mutants to not mess with their government!"

yet they are soon called away to fight in the Mojave. The 80s restarted their attacks and soon their attacks had beomce quite the problem for Caravans moving along the Highway, their power went along route 80and well into Nevada. Many successful attacks on Caravans from powerful Caravan companies like Crimson Caravans and Gun Runners finally brought the attention of the NCR back to route 80. After the defeat of the Legion at the Second battle of the Hoover Dam and with the NCR taking control of most of Nevada the NCR deployed Veteran Rangers and even 1st Recon Snipers to help rid the area of the 80s. The 80s themselves were factionalized between the California and Nevada branches with the Californian branch being wiped out quickly. The Nevada branch quickly tried tofight back but the moving of NCR forces into the Fort Lock (former town of Lovelock, Nevada) and Battle Moutain. The NCR was able to attack the 80s at their home and soon had driven them off most of 80s back towards Salt Lake City. However a Determined group of them stayed holed up in the area raiding and attack occasionally, yet when they were finally cornered NCR troops enetering their camp were suprised to find most of them dead many with burns from lasers it was assumed that the group had angered a local chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel until one dying 80 described being attacked by black devil-horned soldiers, a search was conducted but no sign of the Enclave was ever fround. The remains of the 80s fled east and after being defeated by the Dead Horses and Joshua Graham went to and stayed at the Great Salt Lake.

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