Mount Bighorn Research Base (a.k.a. "Location Frostbite") was a United States Army base in the Rocky Mountains that was one of the many research

Mount Bighorn: Located in the North Commonwealth.

installations for the United States. It housed the infamous All Stars Research and Development Team.


Mount Bighorn was first named in the 1840's by passing band of Merchants and Fur Trappers, who had noticed the mountain's large Bighorn goat population as they passed on their way to other lands. For decades, hunters came to Mount Bighorn to hunt the Bighorn goat population for both meat and their fur; before the Montana declared Mount Bighorn and the surrounding areas a state park. For years afterwards, Mount Bighorn's virgin lands were untouched by the envious eyes of man.

Then in the late 1960's, the United States Department of Defense
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The scientists' entrance to Mount Bighorn.

decided to build a research base into the side of the mountain to conduct "atmospheric testing in the Rockies". What really was built was a federally-funded research base probing into the mysteries of Atomic Energy. The research base quickly became a large complex within the mountain, housing numerous experiments hidden from the eyes of the public. Everything from weaponary to teleportation would be tested in Mount Bighorn.

The base was very productive during its early years of testing, designing highly successful technology in its walls. Teleportation technology was one of the earlier successes, but was not researched further after several incidents in the Base. One would be a man getting lost in the "void" after the teleporters fifth test, and the other two being scientists either having their "insides on the outside" or "turning into terrifying Roachmen".

Teleportation was probably the greatest success, and defeats, of Mount Bighorn Research Base despite of its other projects in weaponary and rocket research. In the 1990's, most of the Teleportation research was halted because it had generated little usable technologies for the Military; as only a few gigantic and costly portal cannons were ever produced. The project would then go into a "deep-freeze" lasting decades.Meanwhile, the Research Base continued working on its regular projects the DoD had issued them to do; including new rocket propulsion fuels and sonic weaponary.

21st CenturyEdit

At the turn of the century, Mount Bighorn was used simply as a expensive Military warehouse for the U.S. Military.

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