The MC12 Stryker is a Canadian-made Armored Fighting Vehicle used from 2067 - 2077 by the Canadian Forces. 



The MC12 has a Double-V shaped hull to protect against mines. Many Strykers have been reported to have withstanded as many as 37 mines (consecutively) and still operate fully.


The body of the MC12 is protected by 3-feet worth of 3rd Generation Depleted Uranium Armor, Polymer Plates, Above-Classified Metal Components, and a thin energy-depletion layer which disintegrates laser and plasma projectiles attacking the vehicle.



The MC12 is powered by a General Atomics Alberta Buffalo Cold Fusion Nuclear Reactor offering 1620 shaft horsepower and 3717 lb-ft of torque, and is capable of around 147 Mph with ridiculous accelleration (0-60 in 2.2 seconds). The engine was expiremental at the time of creation, using newly researched "Cold Fusion" Nuclear Energy, which is unseceptable to explosion and givs off only 55 degrees fahrenheit of heat from the exhaust. This let mobile gun systems (110mm Cannon-fitted Strykers) to outrun Main Battle Tanks before they could get a lock-on the Stryker while firing back.

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