Liberation of Japan
Part of Sino-American War
1024px-Japanese Special Naval Landing Forces in Battle of Shanghai 1937

128th Infantry Division of the Japanese Army during the Battle of Tsushima
Date January 4th - February 8th, 2066
Location Japan
Result Decisive Japanese/American Victory
  • Dissolution of the Japanese People's Republic
  • Chinese military defeat and withdraw from Japan
Japan is decolonized and liberated from Chinese rule
USA Flag Pre-War United States of America
Flag of Japan Japan
Chinese flag China
Communist Japan Japanese Protectorate
USA Flag Pre-War President Samuel Walker

USA Flag Pre-War General Marcus Adams

Chinese flag President Xin
Chinese flag General Wen Sun
Communist Japan First Minister Onishi Koji
USA Flag Pre-War United States Armed Forces
Flag of Japan Japanese Resistance
Flag of Japan Japanese Army Remnants
Chinese flag People's Liberation Army
Communist Japan Japanese People's Army
Moderate Heavy
I'll tell you something, my great grand-daddy was going to fight in this here country before they dropped those two bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I just hope they don't this time.
~ A unknown U.S. Infantryman
The Liberation of Japan was a military campaign that occured sometime in 2066 It was launched by the United States of America as a means of beating back and forcing the dominate forces of China to pull back and retreat to the Chinese mainland and was the beginning of the Sino-American War.


During the mid-21st Century sometime around 2048, the island nation of Japan had gotten into a major political and military standoff with China over the Yellow Sea after a Japanese submarine destroyed a Chinese destroyer crossing the Yellow Sea in territory claimed by Japan and soon, a Japanese destroyer was destroyed by a Chinese sub for crossing into claimed Chinese territory. The standoff resulted in the Third Sino-Japanese War and ended in a Chinese victory.

After the war, Japan was occupied and turned into a protectorate of China and renamed into the Japanese People's Republic, a communist puppet state that helped establish and reinforce Chinese dominance in Asia. The Japanese government fled into exile and hid in the United States in Hawaii and claimed to be the rightful leaders of Japan. After the United States Marine Corps pushed out the People's Liberation Army out of India, the United States got a new call and thus, declared war on China and declared its intent to liberate Asia from Chinese rule starting with Japan.


First LandingsEdit

After the failed Chinese invasion of India and the devestation of the northern part left behind by the Chinese forces, the United States could no longer sit by and let China regroup and attempt a second invasion of India and so, American president Johnathan Williams gathered Congress and made a plee to them asking for an official decleration of war on China citing how its already broken out and got the approval. After declaring war, a large detachment of American soldiers was gathered and was sent to Japan to liberate the island nation from Chinese rule.

This was the beginning of Operation: Rising Sun where the United States sent in their military to save Japan from communist rule and re-establish Japan as an independent democratic nation. On January 4th of 2066, the Pacific Fleet of the United States Navy arrived and managed to punch through the Chinese naval blockade around Japan and allow American ground troops to land and start charing into enemy territory and regroup with Japanese resistance fighters who manged to take control of some territory during the early attacks.

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