The Liberation of Indonesia and Malaysia
Part of Sino-American war, Second Pacific War
First wave of troops storm shore of Leyte from amphibious landing craft. October 20, 1944.

American troops landing off the Indonesian coast

American Troops land off the coast of Indonesia (circa 2075)
Date June-Setpember 2075
Location South Asia,Indonesia and Malaysia
Result Decisive American Victory
  • Indonesian/Malaysian Pyrrhic victory
    *PLA withdraws
  • Wen Sun arrested
Indonesia and Malaysia regain independence

Democratic Republic of Malaysia established

United States

the Philippines
Indonesian/Malaysian rebels


Indonesian/Malaysian Loyalists

President Samuel Walker

General Michael Horwitz
President of the Philippines
Indonesian/Malaysian rebel leadera

President Xin

General Wen Sun

United States Armed Forces

State Army of the Philippines
Indonesian/Malaysian insurgents

People's Liberation Army

Loyalists Forces

  • many American troops killed and wounded
  • many Filipino state forces killed/wounded
  • dozens of Indonesian/Malaysian rebels and civilians killed and wounded
  • many Chinese troops killed and wounded
  • many Chinese loyalists killed and wounded, many more captured

The Liberation of Indonesia and Malaysia was a U.S. military campaign to free the two countries from Chinese control (and gain control of any oil reserves possible) during the The Sino-American War. After the PLA was being pushed back from alaska and the US Army winning in both alaska and the pacific, America had soon turned to liberating Indonesia and Malaysia from military rule around 2075.



Prior to the liberation of the two nations, China had already invaded and occupiued the two nations and quickly sent their governments into exile. Chinese General Wen Sun had been accused of being a war criminal by the US government and many called for immediate action against the General. Later on as the Chinese invasion of Alaska began to weaken and the PLA was being pushed back, the United States Army had invaded Manchuria and soon the pacific sending the People's Liberation Army into absolute chaos and allowed the United States to invade and liberate the two countries.

Operation High SeasEdit

The invasion began on June 8th 2075 when American Air Forces began to fly over Chinese occupied Malaysian airspace and began a massive bombing campaign. American Boeing B-52 bombers began to fly over strategic Chinese military defenses and airfields and soon weakened their defenses around the Malaysian coastline allowing American soldiers to land on shores. General Wen Sun stationed in Indonesia had ordered the southern fleet be deployed to stop the American Navy from advancing anymore until the Philippines had interveined and had sent the more US bombers and fighter jets to destory much of the PLA navy southern fleet. Without any form of naval protection, Wen Sun ordered that the PLA forces in Malaysia move in on AMerican controled areas in eastern and northern malaysia and that occupational forces in Indoneisa support them as well. 

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