If you were looking for the 1950's war, check The Korean War

Korean Campaign
Part of Sino-American War

American Troops during a military offensive in winter of 2068
Date November 14th, 2067 - December 22nd, 2068
Location Chinese-occupied Korea
Result Decisive Korean/American victory
  • Chinese military defeat and withdraw from Korea
  • Re-establishment of the United Republic of Korea
Korea is de-colonized and liberated from Chinese rule
USA Flag Pre-War United States of America
900px-Flag of South Korea.svg United Republic of Korea
Flag of Japan Japan
Chinese flag China
USA Flag Pre-War Presidet Samuel Walker

USA Flag Pre-War General Richard Harrison
USA Flag Pre-War SGM Abram Drossart

Chinese flag President Xin

Chinese flag General Gang Lei

USA Flag Pre-War United States Armed Forces
900px-Flag of South Korea.svg Korean Army Remnants
Flag of Japan Japan Self-Defense Forces
Chinese flag People's Liberation Army
Moderate-Heavy Heavy-Severe
We'll show these damned reds what it means t be American, CHARGE!!!
~ SGM. Abram Drossart
The Korean Campaign was another U.S. Military led offensive in the 2070's during the Sino-American War. The goal was to push the People's Liberation Army out of the Korean peninsula and help the United Republic of Korea regain its independence and change the tide of the war.


Prelude to warEdit

In 2047 the People's Liberation Army had launched a fullscale invasion of Korea and captured the entire country in months. Within hours PLA Army general Gang Lei made s statement to Beijing that the country was in their hands. Back at home, America was under an isolationist sentiment and had only sent in aid to the URK. By the start of the Resource Wars, small remnants of the Korean Army had began to launch an insurgency against the PLA forces and the US began to supply them immediatly. Years later the United States launched a massive invasion to liberate their longtime ally

Invasion of KoreaEdit

Early DaysEdit

During the early days of the invasion, American Forces were able to push back the Occupation Forces that had the country under its control. The 28th Infantry Division of the United States Army had met up with a small detachment of the Korean Army Remnants and began to set up shop in the countryside where the US and Korean troops were able to hide and operate in secret. Korean revolutionaries had dug huge tunnels and other underground passage ways in order to sneak by PLA defenses and launch succsessful attacks. The Korean Army remnants and other Korean nationalist/revolutionary organizations had used guerilla warfare against the Chinese and soon Chinese troops found themselves being pushed back as southern and eastern Korean were being liberated and were forced to retreat back to Seoul. As the American Forces began to advance they soon were forced into trenches upon discovering a vast system of trenches dug all across central Korea and began to launch "Ground Hopping" operations inwhich American soldiers were to sneak into enemy trenches when gunfire temporarily stopped and were to flush out the PLA.

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