James Anderson
James Anderson
Nickname(s) Vice President Anderson
Mr. Anderson
Rank Vice-President
Affiliations United States Army
Republican Party
The Enclave
Status Deceased
Birth March, 2013, Southeast Commonwealth
Death November 12th, 2114, Aurora Base, The Pacific
Weapon 10mm Pistol
Family Johnathan Anderson (Son)
Jamie Anderson (Wife, Deceased)
Heather Anderson (Daughter)

James Anderson was a pre-war politician who served as the last acting vice-president of the United States of America prior to the outbreak of the Great War. He served directly under President Samuel Walker and was known for his relatable nature and general good-will. He, along with Walker, were one of the founding members of the Enclave and he served as its first vice-president.


Early Life and ChildhoodEdit

James Anderson was born on March 15th, 2013 in Georgia, Southeast Commonwealth. He grew up in a traditional southern family home as part of the region's culture and grew up as a very spiritual and devout Methodist boy. He attended regular school and regulary participated in church acitivites both afterschool and on the weakends. At the age of 16, he was an honor student in highschool and lived a relatively peaceful life though, his parents got divorced and found his local priest to be the best parental-figure he ever had during those times. He graduated from highschool at the age of 18 and enrolled in college but, he would enlist in the United States Army just a year later.

Early Military CareerEdit

James Anderson signed up for the U.S. Army when he was 19 but was turned down due to health conditions. In response, he worked hard to remove them and two years later, he re-enlisted and was accepted into the army. During his training days, he met Samuel Walker during his time training in central Nevada and the two became close friends and were even in the same squad when they were both deployed to the Philippines in 2034 to overthrow the communist government in the nation and first saw combat there. Like Walker, Anderson was a fine soldier but rose through the ranks of the military slower than Walker by comparison but it didn't bug him that much.

In 2038, Anderson remained stationed in the Philippines as an American peacekeeper while the country became an American protectorate and a new more democratic and pro-American regime was established in the country after the collapse of the communist regime. He re-united with Walker in 2039 after he was deployed back to the island nation to help support the reorganization of the Filipino Army and the government. That same year, he won an award after he survived an ambush from Filipino communist insurgents who continued to wage a guerilla war against the American forces and Pro-American Filipino loyalists.

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