The Insurgents
Motto Life's always better with no rules.
Leader Blake Head-Splitter
Capital Boston, any other areas around Boston
Type Dictatorship
Period active 2475-still active
Region Northeast, specifically Boston

The Insurgents are a rebellion group going up against The Government of Boston in order to get what they want. They are also a group the player can side with.


The Insurgents are a newer group to challenge Massachusett's government set in Boston. They were formed by a man known as Blake Head-Splitter, who found that he liked living life freely rather than with rules. As the years went by, he gained followers who believed in the same ideas and they all eventually became one organized group under his leadership.

Before the government was unstable, the group was underground and not known to many people. They never made a strike against anyone until they sensed that they were weak; in this case, it was the government, but it was still going strong, so the Insurgents made plans, predicting the chaos to come.

After they were correct about the government's unstable position, they launched their rebellion, thus causing more and more stress on the officials and eventually weakened them.

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