Hawaiian Republic
Anthem Own True Sons
Population 2,800,000 by 2240
Currency Hawaiian Dollar
Language English
Leader President
Capitol Honolulu
Government type Democratic Federal Republic
Period active 2098 -
The Hawaiian Republic is a post-war state located in Hawaii. It's a nation-state formed from the territories of the former state of Hawaii that was able to survive the horrors of the Great War and now acts a safe haven in the post-war world while also continueing old pre-war American ideals of freedom and democracy.


Origins and FoundationEdit

Hawaii was originally the 50th state of the pre-war United States of America and was part of the Southwest Commonwealth. Due to the long distance that Hawaii had from the American mainland as well as its lower population and limited military presence compared to the rest of the U.S. and their allies, Hawaii was spared from the horrors of the Great War when the bombs fell on October 23rd, 2077. Due to the size and overall geography of Hawaii, there was no vaults constructed and instead, many bunkers and other fallout shelters which managed to spare the general population. After the war ended however, fallout and radiation fell across the landscape and millions died as a result of famine and fighting.

For the next two decades, Hawaii was a basket of chaos and anarchy as various warring factions and groups dominated the region until one of the factions comrpised of survivng remnants of U.S. military stationed on Hawaii took over Honolulu and began expanding outwest. Time passed on and by 2098, the Hawaiian Republic was established after all of Hawaii was reunified under the banner of the republic. By the time the Republic of Hawaii was established, the region was one of the last remnants of the old world and still retained such traits from advanced technology to stable infanstructure and managed to survive the bombs.

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