The Ford Atomic Cruiser was one of the most popular cars in the mid-to late 21st centruy leading up to the Great War. It simplicity as well as its reliabiltiy meant it was a resoundign success worldwide.


When Henry Ford founded his company in 1908, he set high standards. The Ford Company did not disapoint with its Atomic Cruiser. 

Powered by a General Atomics R885 pocket-type atomic engine, the Atomic Cruiser could push a hundred and sixty on a flat piece of road, becoming the first 'nukemobile' capable of doing so. It was also fitted with C98 control rods, alowing a greater degree of control over the power output. First delivered in 2044, the Atomic Cruiser remained in service right up until the Great War.  


Ford Atomic Cruiser Mk.1- The initial version of the 'AC' produced by Ford's Chigaco factory. 

Atomic Cruiser MK.2 Tigershark-  The most famous 'road-shark' version, sporting an agressive pointy bonnet and impressive dual fins, the Tigershark was a particular favorite of the Illinois Greasers. 

Ford Atomic JEEP- A special varient for the U.S Army, the Atomic Jeep was designed with all terrain in mind. It coudl also carry a single M23 Machingun 

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