On October 23,2077, the great war started and ended. Radation and manmade hell engulfed the Earth,scorching its inhabatants. A feared leader,and a rebel has survived tht hell.Only six years old at the time,survived and grew to found the Empire Wastelands,the Lone Spears.His name is Inferno.

Holotape recording 01-ProlgueEdit

God dam...oh what,oh,okay its on...recording. For anyone who finds this tape,this is my story. Useless to you unless your interested but it dosent matter,I have placed many of these tapes around the Empire.Theres a map in the lock box under this desk and as you might alredy know by where you are right now that I am Inferno.

Holotape recording 02-2077Edit

I remember I was six years old,getting ready for bed. Lived in Manhattan,with my mother who had just gotten back from her work in the office. New York' City had had a recent nuclear reacter meltdown and we were living in a small apartment near Times Square,dubbed at the time as The Cleansed Zone 3. Much of New York City was still very radioactive with lethal gamma radiation. Luckly around this time my mother took a trip to Las Vegas, so i suffered no ill effects from the radiation.

I admired my Halloween costume as mother walked into the door, she was always tired on Saturdays,but today she came in a hurry and stuffing any thing she could into any containter she could find.

"Mother what are you.."I said before she cut me off an put a large suit case in my hands,I buckled under is weight,and so she handed me another that was a bit lighter and pulled my arm out the door. We ran down the streets, then the sirens stared blaring and my ears hurt all kinds of pain. My legs started to burn and some glass on the streets began to dig into my feet. I cryed for the remainer of the time we ran and we encountered....oh shit close the fucking doors! Dont let the damn Brotherhood in!(Guns cocking)


There all dead,good. Anyway, we encountered a large concrete building with literally thousands of people entering into a freight elevater.For some reason, me and my mother got seaperated,and all I remember after that was that my mother was trampled to death and I ended up against a corner when I saw a blue-white flash. After that was just..(cough)hell.

Did you enjoy that piece of fan fiction? The next pair of recordings are coming soon.Edit

This was created by SoLnum Studios. 1 0f 4

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