Fallout: The Manhattan IncidentEdit

Fallout: The Manhattan Incident (somtimes refered to as F:MI and Fallout 4) takes place in post-war New York. The story follows player- a young son/daughter of a poor butcher- on their quest to find their kidnapped family. Along the way, he must deal with the Civil War that's occuring in Liberty, the capitol city of New York. He must also deal with the mulitple creatures and bandits that roam the Manhattan Wasteland.


The Butcher's son/daughter- YOU are the butcher's son or daughter. You're family has been kidnapped and you want revenge. In order to gain this revenge, you must travel to Liberty and find the kidnappers- a group of bandit's calling themselves Liberty's Empire. But Liberty's Empire isn't the only thing that's out to get you...their are higher and lower class people who want your head on a pick.

The Butcher- the Butcher is the player's father. He and his wife (The Butcher's Wife) have been kidnapped by Liberty's Empire.

Liberty's Empire & Cato- Liberty's Empire is a rouge bandit gang of LMO (Liberty Milita Officers) that have taken refuge in Liberty. They are led by Cato.

Barnibus Fell- Barnibus Fell is the mayor of Liberty. He's looking for something important...and you just happen to have it.

Main LocationsEdit

Liberty- Liberty is the new capitol of New York. It has been divided into five districts: New Manhattan, New Queens, New Bronx, New Staten, and New Brooklyn.

Liberty Park- Liberty Park (once Central Park) is located in New Manhattan. It is home to many dangerous creatures and the entrance to Vault 45.

Union Stock Exchange- the Union Stock Exchange is no longer what it once was. It is now the headquarters of Liberty's Empire.

Brooklyn Bridge- A mass bridge that has been expanded to connect all five districts.

Yankee Stadium- Yankee Stadium is home of the Doughslingers Gang.

Statue of Liberty- the Statue of Liberty is now the headquarters of Liberty's Union and contains the home of Barnibus Fell.

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