Fallout: Sino-American War is a spinoff of the primary Fallout games. It focuses upon the pre-war conflict between the Chinese and Americans, with two campaigns (one for both faction).


Sino-American War features many of the same gameplay features set down by Fallout Multiplayer. The control scheme is nearly identical. In addition, one may customize their characters within certain parameters (for instance, the U.S. character must be wearing U.S.-made items). However, unlike the previous Fallout games, Sino-American War is a semi-linear first-person shooter which incorporates almost no traditional RPG elements or the SPECIAL system. Each level has several paths, and some of the larger outdoor levels are completely free-roaming.


The plot focuses around the Sino-American War. The player has the option of two separate campaigns, a United States Marine Corps campaign which has levels ranging from the Chinese attack on Wake Island to the assault up the Yangtze river, and even a level on the Anchorage front. The Peoples' Liberation Army campaign is similar. However, its settings are largely located in China, with only the attack on Wake Island being elsewhere.

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