The prologue of Fallout: Civil War by EternalBlaze.

It was a bright day and perfect for playing outside. I ran outside with my soccer ball and started dribbling it around the yard, while my sister, Iris, was drawing with chalk on the driveway. All was quiet and delightful until there were loud and obnoxious sounds heard in the distance.

The sounds became more and more closer and eventually, I could hear the screams of other people, most likely fleeing from the sound or whatever it was. My mother told Iris and I to get back inside, and we obeyed, scared of what was coming our way.

As the sounds came closer and closer, they soon became very distinct. There were yells and screams, angry and scared alike, as well as gunfire. I looked outside my bedroom window, where I saw soldiers, dressed up in mismatching attire walking down the street, killing everyone in their sights and destroying houses.

I watched in horror, dazed by the sight, and immediately left the window, planning to go downstairs to tell my parents. It was too late, however, for the soldiers had already broken into my home and were angrily yelling at my parents. When they wouldn't cooperate, the soldier I assumed was the leader of the group shot both of them with an unknown pistol.

It was an ugly sight and I almost vomited while choking on my tears. I wanted to just rewind everything and believe nothing happened; I wanted to just feel safe in my home with no dangers at all in the world. But this was reality; time couldn't be rewinded and life always had its dangers no matter what.

That's when I realized I could hear myself make noise as I wept and eventually, the soldiers pulled me up and dragged me downstairs, where the leader inspected me. My vision was blurred with tears, but I could barely see what was going on. The leader whispered something to a soldier who I assumed to be the second-in-command, and the soldiers holding me picked me and one slung me over his shoulder, carrying me outside.

With that, I entered a deep sleep after wearing myself out with the consistent crying and everything soon became black.

Later over the years, I had learned about the Civil War in Boston and that I was captured by the rebellion, who were known as the Insurgents. As years slipped by, I became accepted into the group as a member of their own and eventually assumed my own name.

They raised me as their own and realized along the way that I possessed some form of power that would guide the world to the right path, whichever one I chose. They told me that at eighteen, they'd free me from their home camp, where I'd have to start my own path and journey...

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