Fallout: Civil War is a fanfiction and non-canon Fallout video game by EternalBlaze.


Live prosperous and barred, or necessitous and free?
~ Main plot summary

The messed up world of Fallout is finally starting to pull itself together. After a nuclear war in 2077, the world was almost completely destroyed, forcing a post-apocalyptic era for some time, which is still ongoing today. After the Courier had brought order and peace to the Mojave Wasteland in 2281, he went on for larger goals, planning to revive the United States. Over the years, he met up with the Lone Wanderer and the Vault Dweller and all together, they slowly reunited the country in 2285, forming their own government to keep the long lasting peace.

Since the event that happened in 2285, 200 years have passed since then and the government has dissolved and while the west, south, north, and southeast are completely calm, the northeast is drowning in a civil war, taking place mainly in Boston, Massachusetts. The local government there is ready to advance and modernize their society, but a rebellious group, simply known as liberals to the common folk, wish to stay post-apocalyptic, claiming that it’s the lifestyle that they should all live if they want to be live free.

The rest of the country is too busy with their own problems to help Boston's government and whatever happens in Boston doesn't reach farther than the borders of Massachusetts, so no bordering states can help.

Will the government resist the work of the liberals and modernize or will they submit to their foes and stay post-apocalyptic for the freedom?

Main CharacterEdit

Like the other main characters of the canon Fallout series, this main character's name is unknown and is never mentioned throughout the series.

They are known as The Savior of Boston, regardless of which path they take during gameplay.



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