Denarius Lianus
Date of birth:October 21st, 2271
Date of death:N/A
Blood type:O-Positive
Mass:80 Pounds
Occupation:Legion Child (Formerly)
Adolescent Gunslinger

"I leave everything to fate... My Father's Coin does the trick!"

- Denarius describing the Gold Coin he is named after

Denarius Lianus is a character set to appear in Fallout: New California, and a young Companion who is one of the main characters in the game. A former Legion Child within Caesar's Legion, Denarius is the son of Legate Lanius born 10 years before the events of Fallout: New Vegas; Denarius is 13 years old and was trained by his father to be an expert Swordsman, though despite Lanius' possible disdain towards Modern Weaponry, Denarius uses various Weapons such as a Plasma Rifle, 4X Zoom Sniper, Dual-10mm Submachine Guns and several others, while also using the Sword of The East inherited from his Father after the NCR Arizona Offensive struck down the remnants of Caesar's Legion in 2282.

The boy was named after the 'Legion Denarius', a Golden Coin which was the highest form of Currency among the Legion of the New California Republic and Mojave Wasteland. During his Missions as a Gunslinger for various Factions, he carries a Legion Denarius bearing the Bull of Legions and Head of Caesar, and based off its Coin Toss result Denarius takes a certain path; for example when he is asked by the New California Republic Defense Force to bolster defenses against the returning West Coast Brotherhood, Denarius flipped the Coin and organized his response to each side: If it landed in the Caesar Head he would honor a person's request, though if it landed on the Legion Bull (Tails), he would simply walk away from a Conflict.

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