The Crimson Dragoons ('深红' in chinese) are the People's Republic of China's special forces.

A Crimson Dragoon ready for combat.



The Crimson Dragoons was first created as a part of a People's Liberation Army in the 2020's. It's official purpose was to for the PLA to secretly combat terrorist groups and conduct candlestine operations against enemy nations. The Crimson Dragoons quickly became very renowned for its lethal tactics and operations against western Chinese insurgent groups, such as Tibetan nationalists and Muslim extremists. In some cases, whole insurgent compounds would be wiped out by small teams of five, only to quickly disappear into the darkness. Impressed with the lethalness of the special forces, the Chinese government quickly began using the Crimson Dragoons in International Operations

First OperationsEdit

The Sino-American WarEdit

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