Castle victor

Castle Victor was a U.S. nuclear test, that is though to have contributed to the start of the Great War. On October 1st, 2077, ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence) located a massive Chinese navy fleet operating in the Indian ocean. Seeing this as an oportunity, U.S. Navy commanders decided to test their new MK 89 nuclear tipped torpedo. The torpedo was armed with a large 100 kt warhead, as opposed to the standard 5 kt warhead of other models. At 0500 hours on October 1st, 2077, the U.S.S. Santa Fe, a Los Angeles class attack submarine, fired the MK 89 at the Chinese fleet carrier in the center of the of the fleet. The torpedo smashed into the hull of the ship and detonated. 6 surrounding ships were destroyed along with the carrier, the rest were heavily irradiated. Upon hearing of this, both the U.S. and China put their nuclear forces on high alert, and the doomsday clock was reset from 2 minutes to midnight, to 30 seconds to midnight. The doomsday clock would remain at 30 seconds until October 23rd, 2077 when the clock hit midnight.

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