Canadian Insurgency
Part of Sino-American War, Post-Annexation Conflicts
American APC

An American Tank enters a destroyed Canadian City
Date 2067-Winter 2077
Location American Occupied Canada
Result American Victory
  • Insurgency crushed
  • Insurgents scramble
Rebel Areas retaken by the US
United States of America

Canadian Loyalists

Canadian Insurgents

Quebec Separatists
Canadian Red Army
China (support)

President Samuel Walker

General Buzz Babcock

Insurgent Leaders

PLA Operatives

United States Armed Forces
  • United States Army
  • United States Marine Corps
  • Occupational Forces
  • The Enclave

Canadian Loyalists

  • Loyalist Army
Canadian Insurgents

Quebec Separatist Militants
Pro-Communist Militants

Light Severe

The Canadian Insurgency was an armed conflict fought between the United States of America and Canadian insurgents backed by China that sought to end American dominence in Canada and later on fought for Canadian Independence. The insurgeny was eventually crushed by winter of 2077.



During the late 2060s, the people of Canada were growing vert wery of seeing how the United States was exploiting and using Canada as a means of fighting China and eventually believed that the US was using Canda for its own personal gains. Many Canadians protested but recieved a hollow response from a cowardly and fearful Canadian government as they made no stand against the tyrannical American government. In response, a group of armed Canadian militants firebombed an American gaspipeline to Alaska and waas quickly condemned by the Canadian government but the people supported it and soon the United States invaded and colonized Canada and the insurgents went into hiding.


Following the annexation and colonization of Canada into the US, Canadian rebel groups were formed but were in hiding when they recieved secret arms and funding from China and began to arm for a new uprising. At this time, a Pro-Communist militant organization called the Canadian Red Army was founded and was secretly led by People's Liberation Army Operatives.

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