Caesar's Legion
Motto Martis Caesar (For Mars and Caesar)
Population 400,000 by 2300
Currency Legion Currency
Language English and Latin
Leader Caesar of the Legion
Capitol Nova Roma (Flagstaff)
Government type Autocracy

Totalitarian Dictatorship

Period active 2247 -
Caesar's Legion is a large autocratic, traditionalist, slaver society located in the the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River in the former Midwestern United States. It's founded and lead by the ideals of the ancient Roman Empire and are well-organized and fierce fighters who've strucken fear in the hearts of many throughout the Mojave Wasteland and are currently at war with the rival state of the New California Republic.


Origins and FoundationEdit

Sometime in the year 2246, a group of nine researchers from the Followers of the Apocalypse were sent to the Arizona Wasteland to study and record the region's tribal languages. One of the researchers named Edward Sallow met with Mormon New Canaanite missionary Joshua Graham, a specialist in tribal dialects. Not long after their travels, the two of them were captured by the Blackfoot tribe and were both held for ransom. During this time, the tribe was at war with other rival tribes and was suffering heavy losses due to their lack of skills in wafare and Sallows ended up aiding and training them against the wishes of Graham.

As a result of Sallow's aid, the Blackfoots began to win and Sallows ended up taking over as their new leader. As chief of the Blackfoots, Sallows intoduced them to firearms, gun usage, proper marksmanship, sharper and better blunt weapons, and pre-war military tactics and strategies. He eventually helped the Blackfoots conquere all rival tribes and had them all annexed under his control and called them his "legion". He then took the title of Caesar and established Caeser's Legion in 2247 under his direct control. From there, Caesar would grow and expand across the Mojave Wasteland becoming a powerful warlord and one of the region's most feared figures in the process.

Growth and ExpansionEdit

As leader of the legion, Caeser began to reorganize the various tribes into an effective fighting force. He had their tactics be based on the concepts of divide and conquere and total war. The policies and structures of the ancient Roman Empire were also revived along with other triats such as the language of Latin and the Cult of Mars was established becoming the legion's official religion. During the early days of the legion, Caesar expanded his power and territory and began to wipe out and annex all other tribes in the region from the weakest to the strongest. After conquering the tribes, all tribe members were killed or enslaved while some lucky few were drafted into the legion's military and sacrifices became a part of legion culture as a way to honor the war god of Mars.

The legion continued to march forward and waged war against more tribes and groups having their land and territory annexed into his and finding new warriors to conscript and other people to enslave. Such a campaign would go on for years until in 2271, over eighty-six tribes were annexed into Caesar's Legion and it expanded all across the center of the former United States and began marching westward to New California unaware what had awaited them there. Around that time, Legion forces made it to New Vegas which they saw as sinful and were ready to take it when they came across the New California Republic, a large democratic federation in the region and the two ended up getting into a full-blown war within the instand the two factions came into contact.

First Battle of Hoover DamEdit

A war broke out between the NCR and the legion and the legion knew it so they marched forward to war. Legion forces eventually made it to Hoover Dam, an old pre-war hydroelectric dam that was both still active and had control over the power supply in the region. Seeking to take it and use it to cripple New California, legion forces marched forward and began attacking the NCR garrison at the station lead by Malpis Legate. At first, Malpis had the upper hand and the NCR forces were on the retreat. Unknown to him however, it was nother more but a trap and C4 was detonated killing hundreds of legion soldiers. Legion troops fled east to the dam in retreat and were picked off one by one until only a handful returned home with the rest either dead or captured. Furious over the defeat and failure of his legate. Caesar had Graham made an example of where he was burned and thrown into the Grand Canyon and his name was forbidden. Lanius eventually took Graham's place as the new legate and leader of the legion's military.

Reorganization and VegasEdit

After the humiliating defeat at Hoover Dam, Caesar's Legion decided to retreat and regroup in their territories located in the Mojave Wasteland. The legion quickly began re-establishing its power in the region and began to march forward towards New Vegas, a powerful city state and one of the last bastions of old pre-war world enclaves in the entire world, and wanted to annex the strip and enslave its population. Legion forces also challenged the NCR by attacking and destoying numerous towns and settlements under NCR control and forcing the nation-state into a war which would soon dominate the entire region. Caesar soon found the NCR to be a perfect rival for the legion and would make it his goal to destroy the NCR senate and replace it with his dictatorship and wanted to establish a new Roman Empire. As the NCR and the Legion battled it out across the Mojave Wasteland, several third party factions got involved and New Vegas established a reputation of being a regional power by keeping both sides at bay and retaining neutrality.

Second Battle of Hoover DamEdit

Sometime around 2281, Caesar's Legion had managed to reorganize and were ready to go on the offensive once again targeting Hoover Dam once more and they were still seeking to take it. During this time, a mysterious figure known as the Courier had became active across the Mojave Wasteland. The legion had attempted to reason with the Courier but, she rejected their offer and turned on them effectively siding with the NCR. Despite her betrayal, Caesar ordered that the Hoover Dam be invaded and taken over. An assault was launched against the Hoover Dam but this time, the NCR were ready and even had back up. The Courier was able to gather numerous allied factions such as the Followers of the Apocalypse and the Enclave Remnants and pushed back the legion troops. During the initial assault, the legion went from underneath the dam and took the NCR troops by surprise but, they were eventually beaten back thanks to the NCR Rangers as well as air support from NCR bombers and an assault force comrpised of NCR Rangers, Enclave Troops, and other allies that were available along with other anti-legion groups.

The legion forces were eventually pushed back and withdrew from the Hoover Dam heading back to Legate's Camp and the legion troops tried to regroup believing that the NCR wouldn't attack them but, they were wrong as the Courier, with the support of General Oliver, launched an assault on the camp and Legate Lanius made his famous last stand before he and the surviving forces were all killed. Any remaining Legion troops were taken prisoner and the battle was won by the NCR once again. Caesar heared this news and afterwards, ordered the legion to retreat back into New Mexico and the entire Mojave Wasteland was annexed into the NCR but he was killed by an NCR strike force lead by the Courier before he could retreat to New Mexico while the rest of the legion escaped outwest.

NCR Invasion of ArizonaEdit

A year later in 2282, Caesar's Legion was on the run and was in near-ruin. With Caesar and Lanius dead, Aurelius of Phoenix took over and became the third Caesar of the Legion. Down south in Arizona, Caesar's Legion established a strong presence there and made countless enemies in the region as the native population was slaughtered and enslaved while whole tribes were forcibly annexed into the legion as a means of making up for their devestating second defeat at the hands of the NCR at Hoover Dam. The legion believed that they were far away from the NCR and would be safe from them but, they were wrong again as NCR scouts found legion holdouts in Arizona and native Arizonans informed the NCR of the legion's presence and so, an offensive was launched against the legion in Arizona.


Caesar's Legion is an autocratic slaver state ran by Caesar and only Caesar. The head of the legion rules as the absolute ruler and is unopposed and the Legate is the commander-in-chief and head of the military. The legion is dictated by a hierarchical system in which there are numerous ranks and castes that make up legion society and anyone who abstains from the system or is a non-legion citizen is considered immoral and is in dire need to be converted and/or enslaved. Caesar's Legion however, is a slaver army first and foremost and is lead by Caesar. There is only Caesar and no other tribe will exist under his rule and the banner of the legion.

List of Caesar's Edit

  • Edward Sallow (2247-2281)
  • Lanius (August 14th-18th, 2281)
  • Aurelius of Phoenix (2281-2282)
  • Marius of Phoenix (2282-Onward)

Crime and PunishmentEdit

Caesar's Legion is infamous for their brutal and inhuman torture tactics and methods of execution. Being modeled after the ancient Roman Empire, the legion employs many of the same tactics and forms of punishment as the Romans did back in their day.

  • Crucifixion: The most common form of execution, the victim is brought to a cross where they're either tied or nailed to the cross and are displayed for all to see whether it be in the public squares of legion controlled cities or in open fields for travelers to see. It sends a message to potential enemies of the legion and wanderes that the legion is not to be opposed.
  • Death by Burning: Another common execution method, the victim is either brought before a bruning fire or is drenched in gasoline and then set on fire. Either way, the victim dies via burning and his burnt corpse is either thrown into a fire with other bodies or tossed down below in nearby valleys to lay there and rot. Notable victims include the Mayor of Nipton and Joshua Graham
  • Decimation: A special form of execution, decimation is reserved only for military commanders and leaders that have either failed Caesar or are accused of defying him. The accused is brought before his men where he's then beaten to death by his new replacement. Not only is the commander killed, but every tenth of his legionnaires are also beaten to death as well, warning all in the legion to meet the harsh standards set up by Caesar himself.
  • The Lottery: One of the most infamous and well-known execution methods, the lottery is when an entire town is occupied by legion forces and its inhaibtants play a lottery like "game" where they pick lottery tickets up at random. The winner is allowed to walk freely unharmed and his life is spared while the runner up is crippled via a hammer, but is still allowed to live. The unlucky losers however, are treated to execution with some being beheaded, while others are either crucified or survive and are sold into slavery.
  • The Viewing: An unnamed method, the viewing is an execution method where known triators and spies who are discovered are brought before Caesar himself in a personal "viewing" with him. There, the accused is hacked to death by Caesar's Praetorian guard as punishment with the remains being fed to either wild animals in legion captivity or even slaves disgused as meat. 

Other methods of execution are well known and carried out, but are often overshadowed by the more brutal and infamous methods which are favored by the legion. Public beheadings are a common execution method and are usually done in front of slaves or citizens in legion-occupied towns that have complied to their rule. The accused are usually weak and dying slaves who are unable to continue their work or a collaborator who's unable to pay the legion the debt that he owes them. Whippings are also common, but many victims are reported to have survived so it's a lesser known method as a result.


Caesar's Legion itself is a large slaver army and is a military in of itself. Soldiers of the legion are known as Legionnaires and are divided into positions based off of military skills and experience and have no form of military rank. The Legate is the commander-in-chief and the de-facto head of the legion's military while Caesar is its master, owner, and ruler who the legion fights for without hesitation or question. Inexperienced fighters have basic garments and crude, often only melee weapons, while more experienced and veteran fighters have body armor and better weapons such as sharper knives and machetes, assault rifles and other firearms, and even explosives. While the the Legion opposes over-reliance on technology, they will make use of it if forced to, and in the NCR Arizona Offensive, they managed to field small numbers (less than 100) of pre-war vehicles and even a handful of aircraft, in an attempt to counter the newly arrived NCR mechanized forces, though the crews were generally inexperienced and poorly trained, and proved no match for their NCR counterparts. The one form of military technology that the Legion is unilaterally opposed to are any form of military robot or aerial drone, viewing the use of robots as making human soldiers weaker.


At the beginning, Caesar's Legion was nothing more but a small collective of tribes located in the mountain regions of Colorado but soon began expanding and conquered new lands and territories for every tribe they conquered. By 2271, eighty-six tribes were annexed and the legion had holdings in places like Arizone, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, and New Mexico and many of their territories border those that belong to the NCR. At its height in 2281, the legion had control over much of the northern parts of the Mojave Wasteland, most of Arizona, and major parts of Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah and even controled the Grand Canyon. After the second defeat at Hoover Dam, the NCR went on the offensive and began besieging legion strongholds in places like Arizona and Colorado forcing them to flee into the Midwest and Mexico. As of 2300, the legion still exists but now persists as small holdouts scattered across the Midwest and parts of New Mexico while small settlements in northern Mexico are under constant NCR assault.

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