Sikorsky CV-80
Country of origin United States of America
Production history
Number produced 3,000
Variants MCV-80
Service history
Users United States of America
European Commonwealth nations
Wars Sino-American War
Resource Wars
Cost 45 million USD per unit
Weight 30,000
Overall length 50 feet
Powerplant General Electric T58
Propulsion system Prop-powered
Maximum range 750 miles
Ceiling 19000 feet
Speed 250 MPH
Role Multirole VTOL aircraft
Weapon systems Missiles, vulcan cannon, door guns
Crew 5-man crew

The CV-80 was developed in 1987 to replace the aging CV-49, the Sikorsky CV-80 was a basic tilt-rotor aircraft intended to fill in multiple roles at once as opposed to the individual specialized roles as the CV-49 had before it.

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