The CPF-Loner War was fought between the Loners and theCPF 

It took place in 2260 and ended in 2271. 

The Loners lost 4 men while the CPF lost 304. 


As the CPF expanded into Guatemala, the Loners encountered them. The Loners saw the CPF's energy weapons and decided they wanted to a challenge in war. They began attacking and expanded their operation to Mexico, where the CPF was based. 

Start of the WarEdit

The start of the war was when the Loners began attacking the CPF in Guatemala. The CPF, learning about them from the locals, decided to pull out of Guatemala. 

The first large-scale battle was between a single Loner against fifty CPF officers. The CPF moved troops through a border mountain. The CPF began using mortars on the Loner from below the moutains.

2014-07-02 00003

The Loner in the first battle, narrowly dodging a mortar blast.

The Loner used his shotgun to spread bullets, the Loner had also planted booby traps, like rigged shotguns and landmines. The CPF lost 21 men in the battle and the Loner moved North to infiltrate deeper territory.

In the year 2261, the CPF moved troops towards the border to strengthen it. The CPF moved through narrow canyons and over mountains. They encountered dozens of Loners along the way and lost 33 men just moving officers down to the border.

In the year 2262, the CPF finally cornered a Loner. The Loner was beginning to jump off a canyon to commit suicide, as he wanted to evade capture. A skilled CPF sniper shot the Loner as he fell down the canyon wall. 

2014-07-02 00004

A CPF officer checks the 1st Loner casualty.

This was the first Loner casualty in the war.

The Loners began moving throughout Mexico and surviving by stealing food from the residents. 

In the year 2265, the Loners decided to calm their fire and only take pot-shots at CPF officers, as they were planning a bigger battle. 

The CPF used this time of limited fighting to strengthen their army. 

Grande Offensive (2266)Edit

In 2266, the Loners conducted raids against the CPF towns. They raided over 50 settlements and killed 100 CPF officers in total, they didn't get to their goal of Chiholo because the CPF was increasing training and was becoming more defensive against the Loners. 

In response to these raids, many of the CPF settlements wanted to be free from the war. The Loners gave the settlements a choice of seceding from the CPF and they wouldn't attack them. In just a matter of weeks, 40 of the 50 settlements raided declared independence from the CPF. The CPF Empire was beginning to crumble. 

In one of the settlements, locals thought an entire army had attacked them due to mortar strikes and gunfire from all directions. In reality, only about 2-5 Loners attacked a settlement each. 

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