Brotherhood of Steel
BoS logo
Motto Semper Invicta (Always Invincible)
Leader High Elder
Capital Lost Hills, New California
Type Quasi-religious military order
Government Quasi-theocratic
Region Former United States and Canada
The Brotherhood of Steel is a quasi-religious military order and technological organization active in the post-war North American wastelands. The order was formed from members of the pre-war United States Armed Forces and government-sponsored community prior to the outbreak of the Great War. Years later, the Brotherhood has now risen to be one of the most powerful factions in the post-war American wasteland. They seek to preserve pre-war military technology and have engaged in countless conflicts throughout their history.


Origins and FoundationEdit

The origins and roots of the Brotherhood of Steel date back to the final years leading up to the Great War. Future founde, Roger Maxson, was originally a captain of the United States Army and was part of an army team lead by Colonel Robert Spindel sent to a monitor process West-Tek facility on January 3rd, 2076 to monitor their process in southern California, which was conducting experiments for the federal government. The team and research staff were later relocated to Mariposa Military Base on January 7th, 2077 to contiue their research. Officially, Maxson and his team were told that the tests were studying biological weapons that were being used by China during the later stages of the Sino-American War and the scientists were seeing if they could develop an agent to counter the effects without the need of gas masks. 

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