Battle of Seligman
Part of the NCR Arizona Offensive
Legion Massive Black 4
An artist's impression of the remains of the Legion fortress on Picacho Butte after being taken by the NCR.
Date March 22nd
Location Seligman, Arizona
Result NCR Victory
Flag of New California New California Republic

Mojave Brotherhood Brotherhood Mojave Chapter

Enclave Symbol (Fallout 3) Enclave Remnants

Horse Military Emblem Dead Horse Infantry Company

Boomers Logo Boomers

Anti-Legion Rebels

LegionEmblem Caesar's Legion
Flag of New California General Lee Oliver

Mojave Brotherhood Brotherhood Elder McNamara

Horse Military Emblem Joshua Graham (Dead Horses)

LegionEmblem Aurelius of Phoenix
Flag of New California NCR Defense Force LegionEmblem Legion Military
  • 1 KIA
  • 17 WIA
  • 150 KIA
  • 74 POW
The Battle of Seligman was a battle during the NCR Arizona Offensive on March 22nd, 2282. The battle was one of two major engagments, the other being the Battle of Williams during the NCR push up Interstate 40 to the Legion capital of Nova Roma.


After the capture of Kingman on March 19th, the next major obstacle in the NCR advance on the Legion capital were a pair of fortresses near the town of Seligman constructed of scrap metal, stone, and wood, and armed with various artillery pieces, including a few pre-war 155mm howitzers. One such fortress was located on a low-lying extinct volcano near the town itself and one on the taller summit of Picacho Butte ten miles the the west. The Legion had also built a road block on a small rise immediately east of the town itself. In the lead up to the attack, NCR Air Forces bombed all three positions, causing significant damage, though a sizeable portion of the garrison, including at least 100 Legionaries in each fort, survived.


In the early morning of March 22nd, NCR, Brotherhood of Steel, and Enclave Remnant airborne forces approached the two bases in 24 Vertibirds. 12 aircraft, including six transports and six gunships, would attack each of the two mountaintop fortresses. The gunships moved in first, hitting the fortresses with a barrage of mini-nukes, missiles, and fire from their miniguns and Gatling lasers to eliminate any remaining heavy weapons and suppress the Legion troops in the base. After the gunship attack, the Vertibirds deployed infantry by fast rope or, in the case of power armor units, simply jumping out at a height of about 20 feet, the intertial dampeners in the suits allowing them to survive the fall unharmed.

The outgunned Legionaries were taken by complete surprise and routed. At least 150 Legionaries were killed and 34 taken prisoner, at the cost of only one NCR casualty.

With the fortifications neutralized, NCR armor and infantry could advance on the town without fear of artillery fire. Upon seeing the tanks approaching, the roughly 50 Legionaries defending the road block surrendered without resistance.

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