Battle of Port Marx
Part of the Frontier War (Communist Campaign)
Communist Partisans
Irish Communist troops celebrating their victory over the Celts in the central square of Port Marx
Date June 4th, 2272
Location Port Marx, Northwestern Ireland
Result Decisive Communist Victory
  • Celtic army is wiped out
  • Port Marx successfully defended
Irish Communist Party Flag Irish Communist Party Celticflag The Celts
Irish Communist Party Flag Chairman Fiacc Ó Dálaigh
Irish Communist Party Flag Captain Eimer Grudaire
Celticflag Fionnlagh Mocholla Ó hIorua
Irish Communist Party Flag Irish People's Liberation Army Celticflag ~2,480 warriors
Around ~84 soldiers killed Over ~1,280 warriors killed
The battle was of major strategic importance for the anti-celtic coalition as Port Marx would later be used to transport troops and supplies into Celtic tribes in the north
The Battle of Port Marx was a major battle fought between the Irish Communist Party and The Celts over the strategically important sea port known as Port Marx. The battle was instigated when Celtic warriors from the northern tribes began invading the communist holdings west of their position and assaulted Port Marx. Because of the strategic importance, the victor would gain a key advantage over the other in the Frontier War, making the communist defense all the more important and vital to both the war effort and the revolution.


Port Marx had remained one of the most vital and important holdings that the Irish Communist Party has. Not only was it one of the first places to fall to communism during its spread throughout the 2180s, it was also used as a vital asset for transporting troops and supplies by boat during the Republican-Communist War. After the war had ended, Port Marx had remained under communist control and helped reorganize the party after its defeat at the hands of the New Republic of Ireland. In the decades afterward, the Irish Communist Party rebuilt and reorganized itself and following the outbreak of the Frontier War in 2267, they sided with the other nation-states against the Celts and Port Marx was used to transport the needed troops and supplies to the frontlines.

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